Training Camp Notebook: Texans Sign Intriguing RB, Browns Revamp Playbook, Rookie Tight Ends Sluggish in Camp


Tim Cornett, Texans

Guess who just got signed by the Texans. Tim Cornett, that’s who. Guess who was injured in practice on Sunday? There’s no word yet on the severity of Foster’s injury, and if he stays healthy he’s the clear, and probably only, back to own in Houston. But . . . think there’s a good chance he gets hurt? Think there’s also a good chance journeyman Andre Brown breaks down at some point? Think there’s a chance either or both of Foster and Brown might not be around next season?1 Then Cornett is worth a look. He could be the next Priest Holmes. He’s also comparable to Storm Johnson, so there’s that.

Rookie Tight Ends

Love Smith says Austin Seferian-Jenkins is “behind a lot.Jace Amaro “looked lost” in OTAs.2 Eric Ebron is “struggling to learn” the Lions playbook. Notice a pattern? Ebron is the only one of the three whose ADP is problematic, but it looks to be taking a sensible decline.


It’s hard to trust a rookie TE in redraft. On the other hand, strategically selecting rookies in the right spots can provide an advantage, especially in certain formats.

Steve Smith, Ravens

Well . . . OK then! Smiff hasn’t gotten much attention, but I suppose it’s possible he has a better than expected season.  I’m not ready to jump aboard the bandwagon just yet though. Here’s his Career Graph.


Then there’s this. Consider Cam Newton’s AYA when targeting Steve Smith:

2011 Steve Smith WR 128 78 1383 7 6 9.79
2012 Steve Smith WR 136 72 1151 4 3 8.06
2013 Steve Smith WR 110 64 745 4 4 5.86

Both sets of information suggest a sharp decline. Is Joe Flacco the man to rejuvenate Smith? In my opinion, no. In Jon Moore’s estimation, Marlon Brown is the player you should target instead. Of course, neither is as desirable as Torrey Smith, who (gosh darn it) will be a WR1 this year.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are installing the read option. Cue the “Johnny Manziel = 2012 RG3” analysis in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1. I don’t know what it means, if anything, but it seems like Manziel would be a better read option quarterback than Brian Hoyer, no? Hmm. That training camp report also notes that Charles Johnson has been practicing, but is getting rest days for his surgically repaired knee. Other reports note that Josh Gordon has retained noted attorney Maurice Suh to represent him in his suspension appeal. Will it work? Who knows. Seems unlikely that he gets off scot-free, and he’ll still likely face discipline for his most recent arrest as well. It’s also hard to trust that he’ll stay out of trouble, if and when he does get back on the field. If you’re looking for fantasy football help in Cleveland, we’ve been almost entirely focused on the running backs. But for what it’s worth, Miles Austin is available super late in PPR drafts. As long as he’s healthy he’s the number one wideout. And you can still get him later than Gordon:


  1. Hint: Say Yes.  (back)
  2. He also injured his knee recently.  (back)