Joe 2 Pro: Daily Fantasy Football – Recapping a Profitable 2014 DFS Season


If you missed my first article introducing the “Joe 2 Pro” series, you can read it here. It gives a brief overview on how to attack daily fantasy football without feeling like you’re drowning. What I am trying to do with the Joe 2 Pro series is bring up topics regarding daily fantasy football that I wish I knew about when I had first started playing. There’s definitely a learning curve when you go from seasonal leagues to daily fantasy football.

Week 17 Recap


Week 17 had potential to be really great…. About 30 minutes before I switched out Andre Johnson for Doug Baldwin. Had I not done that, I would’ve had a very profitable week. Sometimes our minds gets the best of us. The decision to start Peyton Manning came because he was facing the Oakland Raiders at home, and they had a very high team total. I mean, it’s the Raiders! Unfortunately, Manning struggled in the red zone and Demaryius Thomas also dropped a wide open touchdown. I was about nine points away from cashing in the 50/50s then Le’Veon Bell exited the game after he took a hard hit to the knee. FanDuel was just a giant disaster, with my kicker and defense combining for two points. Kelvin Benjamin was game scripted right out of the game after Carolina scored two defensive TDs. He also dropped a few easy passes. Week 16 and Week 17 were pretty rough for me overall after running hot for a few weeks. The NFL is filled with variance and cold streaks can happen. I think it’s important to remember that having good process, and sound bankroll management is crucial for having long-term success, and as whole my 2014 season was pretty successful.

2014 NFL Season Summary




I wish I had finished the season strong, but I got inside my own head and started to second-guess myself, more so in Week 17. My success was substantially greater on DraftKings than it was on FanDuel. I won nearly 2x my bankroll, while on FanDuel I traded funds back and forth, never really gaining much traction. Much of my success on DraftKings was due to having more success in tournaments. Profiting $2,458.08 in 15 weeks of play is greater than I expected when I first began this series.

One Final Note

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for reading and following along in this series with me. I greatly appreciate the subscribers and everyone that may have taken my advice. Hopefully it worked out in your favor more often than not. Daily fantasy football can be extremely overwhelming when you first begin to play, and I wanted to help ease your transition into daily play. As for next season, it looks like this series will be coming back! I’m going to spend the off-season looking into perfecting my bankroll management, along with diversifying my game selection in order to have both a safe and aggressive approach to this game.

DFS sites continue to run games throughout the playoffs. They can be a fun way to get your fantasy fix. I am going to leave some money on to enter some tournaments, but I will not be playing any cash games in this span.

Thanks again, everybody!

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