Look Out Above: Todd Gurley is a Great Risk/Reward Pick

Todd Gurley has been called the greatest running back prospect since Adrian Peterson, the RotoViz staff had Gurley significantly higher than other rookie RBs in the post-draft rankings, and he was being drafted in early off-season MFL10s in the late-third round before he went the the St Louis Rams at number 10 overall. 

Since the draft, Gurley’s ADP has been falling steadily. His MFL10 ADP over the last week is right around 45 overall.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 10.30.01 AM

What’s interesting is that Gurley’s ADP was actually rising pre-draft, even though the earliest reports that he could start the season on the Physically Unable to Perform list (PUP) were coming out nearly a month before the draft. Now we’re seeing reports that Gurley is making progress and aims to participate in training camp. If that happens, the chance of him going on the PUP list could be greatly diminished.

Downside Scenario

Let’s say that Gurley doesn’t participate in training camp and is placed on the PUP list, meaning he’ll miss at six games. How far could he fall? We can use his backfield-mate Tre Mason’s ADP as a guide.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 10.38.49 AM

If Gurley is placed on the PUP list I believe his and Mason’s ADP will narrow, but in that scenario Gurley will still be looking at potentially nine games with starter reps,1 whereas Mason would only have six. I realize that Gurley could be held out for more than six weeks, but I think the worst-case scenario is their ADPs coming together at around 55. Remember, Le’Veon Bell is likely going to miss three games this year, and his ADP is still first overall.

Some of the drop in Gurley’s post-draft ADP could be due to committee concerns, not just games missed. I developed a “Weighted Touches” formula in a series of articles to see how our projected usage for RBs aligned with their positional ADP rank.

PlayerRush AttsRecsWeighted TouchesADP Rank10 Games12 Games14 Games
Todd Gurley1752827323436.8364312
Tre Mason1472322834NANANA

In the last three columns I prorated for 16 games our staff’s composite weighted touch projection based on the assumption Gurley would miss either six, four, or two games. I can’t say exactly how many games, but I doubt any of our staff were assuming less than two.

His prorated full-season usage projection would be third among RBs if you prorate from 10 games, 11th from 12 games, and 22nd from 14 games. He’s currently being drafted at RB23. I know prorating doesn’t solve all the issues, but it gives you an idea of how good his production will be during the weeks he plays, and fantasy football is a week-by-week game.

Upside Scenario

Looking at what’s happened to the ADP of Melvin Gordon, an inferior prospect,2 gives us a guide for Gurley’s ADP if he isn’t placed on PUP.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 10.32.46 AM

Gordon’s ADP over the past week is 28.5 overall and rising. Even if Gurley avoids PUP, he might not match Gordon’s current ADP due to lingering ACL concerns and the possible perception that SD was a better landing spot than STL. But I believe Gurley could get into the mid-third round before flawed backs that he currently goes after, like Andre Ellington and Latavius Murray.

We can also get more context of where a healthy Gurley would go by looking at the historical relationship between NFL Draft position and PPR ADP.


The 2015 ADPs are based on recent MFL10 drafts, but the historical ADPs are based on regular PPR leagues over the last five years. Because the MFL10 format is early-RB dominant, Gurley and Gordon should be going early than historical norms. If you assume that a healthy Gurley would get the same MFL10 premium as Gordon, he could go in the first 25 picks.


Even if you think there’s a greater chance that Gurley hits the PUP list than not, I believe that his 10 ADP pick downside is worth the potential 15 pick upside. Of course, as we get earlier in the draft picks are worth more, so the 15 pick upside is greater than the absolute number implies. If you’re following the optimal MFL10 strategy and taking four RBs early, you won’t be missing that much in the first handful of weeks if Gurley is out; Your other RBs should be healthy and can easily fill the two RB spots on the MFL10 roster.

  1. This is the 16-week MFL10 format with no playoffs.  (back)
  2. I don’t think this needs to be debated. You’d be hard-pressed to find any draft analyst with Gordon above Gurley  (back)