DeAndre Hopkins and Other Auction League Bargains at Wide Receiver

Fantasy football drafts are all about value, and that’s especially true of auction drafts. By combining our composite projections, which you can find in the Cheat Sheet Calculator and Best Ball ADP apps, and My Fantasy League’s average auction values I was able to boil value down into a single number.

Without further ado, here are the best auction values at wide receiver:

WRProj. FP$FP/$
Antonio Brown326398.36
Demaryius Thomas321339.73
Dez Bryant318.5388.38
Odell Beckham316.4388.33
Julio Jones310368.61
Calvin Johnson295.1338.94
Jordy Nelson288.5319.31
DeAndre Hopkins272.92411.37
A.J. Green271.7318.76
Alshon Jeffery270.12710
Randall Cobb264.9299.13
Jordan Matthews2632112.52
Mike Evans258.4308.61
TY Hilton241.92410.08
Brandin Cooks237.12210.78
Julian Edelman233.31416.66
Emmanuel Sanders2281912
Amari Cooper227.72110.84
DeSean Jackson219.31119.94
Keenan Allen216.61514.44
Golden Tate215.81514.39
Torrey Smith212.4730.34
Allen Robinson209.91613.12
Sammy Watkins209.82010.49
Kelvin Benjamin209.4219.97
Breshad Perriman209.11020.91
Brandon Marshall203.61315.66
Jeremy Maclin200.41216.7
Brandon LaFell198.2633.03
Jarvis Landry197.81216.48
Steve Smith195.1539.02
Kendall Wright194.6538.92
Anquan Boldin193.3538.66
Martavis Bryant193.11314.85
Larry Fitzgerald191.2727.31
Michael Floyd190.7823.84
Eric Decker190.2727.17
Vincent Jackson189.71018.97
Andre Johnson188.91314.53
Dwayne Bowe184.5361.5
Brian Quick184.5446.13
Charles Johnson184.4823.05
Nelson Agholor183.91314.15
Marques Colston183.3536.66
Roddy White182.9726.13
Pierre Garcon182.1726.01
Mike Wallace180.7822.59
Doug Baldwin170.4356.8

The table is pretty straightforward. The projected fantasy points and average auction value for each WR are listed. Then I divided the projection by the average auction value to get a single value number, labelled FP/$. The table is sorted by projected points but you can sort it by average auction value (labelled simply as $) or by FP/$.

Some thoughts:

  • Demaryius Thomas is pretty firmly the best value among the consensus top five WRs, with the lowest price and the second-highest projection. He’s clearly the choice if you’re going to target one.
  • I also like Calvin Johnson and Jordy Nelson. Both are strong projected values and have the potential to outscore the top five WRs, which would ultimately make them even better values than they appear to be now.
  • There are two WRs projected in the top 12 that present such great value that you have to target them: DeAndre Hopkins and Jordan Matthews. Even if you spent $23.00 on Matthews he would still be the best projected value in the top 12. Alshon Jeffery is the only other WR in the top 12 to have a projected FP/$ of 10 or more.
  • Moving into the WR2 tier the values get better in general, but it’s important to remember the ultimate goal is to score as many points as possible. Sammy Watkins isn’t a better target than Demaryius Thomas just because he has a higher FP/$. The overall WR2 is inherently a lot more valuable than the WR24.
  • There are three guys who really jump out at me in the WR2 tier: Julian EdelmanDeSean Jackson, and Torrey Smith.
  • The worst value in the tier is pretty clearly Mike Evans, who is the only WR outside of the projected top nine to have an average auction value of $30 or more.
  • Moving onto the WR3s, Kelvin Benjamin appears to be the worst value in this entire analysis. Evans is the only WR with a worse FP/$ outside of the top 12, but Evans at least has the benefit of being projected to finish as the WR13 as opposed to the WR25. I would need a pretty significant discount to draft Benjamin.
  • Breshad Perriman looks like a strong value as the projected WR26. It’s worth noting that while I set My Fantasy League’s filter to redraft leagues, some dynasty leagues made their way into the mix. I suspect Perriman’s average auction value is actually lower than listed.
  • Martavis Bryant looks to be a terrible value, but if I’m drafting a guy projected to finish outside of the top 30 I want it to be a breakout candidate who could far surpass their projection. Bryant certainly fits that bill, but I think I’d rather go after cheaper options.
  • Some WRs that I think are better values than Bryant: Eric Decker; and breakout candidates Brian Quick and Charles Johnson.