Week 6 Quarterback Streaming: Three to Target and One to Avoid

After another solid week, our top two quarterback streaming slots are still producing QB1 numbers, and the desperation third slot has jumped into high-end QB2 territory. 

This week’s introduction is just a mashup of the past few weeks. To start, “Woo, how about that Brian Hoyer call last week!” Hoyer is carrying this article, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Also, a tip of the cap to Charles Kleinheksel for spotting Hoyer’s potential value back in July. Next, “Have you noticed that other QB streaming articles don’t include a ‘QB1 to avoid’ choice?” Once again, I bet against Matthew Stafford. Once again, he responded with a QB1 performance. But, you know, process over result and all that. Finally, “I don’t have to hang my head in shame yet.” Stafford aside, this was a pretty good week:

StatusQBFanDuel PointsQB Rank
Option 1Carson Wentz17.913
Option 2Paxton Lynch13.719
Option 3Brian Hoyer23.85
AvoidMatthew Stafford18.810

No disasters, and Hoyer was probably better than the guy your opponent started. It would have been nice to have Marcus Mariota, but it would have been tough to recommend a guy who hadn’t notched a top-12 finish through four weeks. Plus, we’re now streaming two QB1s and a high-end QB2.1 And the “avoid” recommendation remains a farce that I refuse to abandon.

StatusFanDuel PPGSeason-long rank
Option 118.911
Option 218.711
Option 316.416

On to Week 6!

Option 1: Brian Hoyer v. Jacksonville

Rostered: 16.6 percent
Spread: -2.5
O/U: 47

Back to the well. Hoyer is averaging 20.8 FanDuel points per game in his three 2016 starts (which would make him the QB7 on the season). Yeah, some of that is just positive variance. And some of it is an easy schedule (Dallas, Detroit, and Indianapolis). But you can’t ignore the production, and it’s not as if the schedule gets tough all of a sudden. Jacksonville has allowed 19.9 FanDuel points per game, eighth most in the league and a smidgeon ahead of Indianapolis. Again, that number is a little misleading, as the Jaguars have faced Aaron Rodgers (QB4), Philip Rivers (QB9), Joe Flacco (QB20), and Andrew Luck (QB7). But Chicago’s 24.75 implied total is more than you can ask for from a streaming candidate.

Option 2: Marcus Mariota v. Cleveland

Rostered: 31.9 percent
Spread: -7.5
O/U: 44.5

I debated including Mariota as the top option, but I can’t get past the fact that he hasn’t topped 300 passing yards on the season, and he’s hit 2o rushing yards only once (in Week 5). You can accuse me of chasing points, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but I won’t chase them into the top slot. Mariota had been a disaster in 2016 until he butchered the Dolphins last week. But he gets another prime matchup against the Browns, who have allowed 21.2 FanDuel points per game. And unlike the Jaguars, the Browns have faced a pretty easy QB schedule: Carson Wentz (QB12), Joe Flacco (QB20), Ryan Tannehill (QB25), Kirk Cousins (QB15), and Tom Brady (QB0). I actually had Mariota penciled in to this spot before his breakout against Miami. He’ll be a little tougher to acquire than I expected, but he’s still a solid play.

Option 3: Case Keenum @ Detroit

Rostered: 1.7 percent
Spread: +3
O/U: 43

Speaking of solid plays, there aren’t any who are available in at least 90 percent of ESPN leagues. Instead, we’re hitching our wagon to Keenum. On the road. Coming off a QB26 performance. Throwing to Tavon Austin and Kenny Britt. Coached by Jeff Fisher.

Because … implied total? Mostly because I don’t know who the 49ers are going to start on Thursday, and whoever they do start has a pretty good chance of being replaced by the middle of the third quarter. Plus, the Lions have allowed 23.4 FanDuel points per game to Andrew Luck (QB7), Marcus Mariota (QB17), Aaron Rodgers (QB4), Brian Hoyer (GOAT), and Carson Wentz (QB12). We’re not expecting 23.4 FanDuel points from Keenum, but I’d settle for 13.4 in a week with no good deep streaming options.

Avoid: Matthew Staff Carson Wentz @ Washington

Rostered: 80.8 percent
Spread: -2
O/U: 45

Wentz goes from the top streaming option to the guy to avoid in one week. Fantasy football is a fickle business. Wentz is a top-12 QB on the season, but he’s also faced a QB-friendly schedule. The Browns (21.2), Bears (18.2), Steelers (17.2) and Lions (23.4) have all allowed more FanDuel points per game than Washington (16.4). He’s still a streamer, and I’d rather start Hoyer or Mariota than Wentz.

  1. Among QBs who have played at least three games. If you include Brady, all the ranks drop by one.  (back)