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High Staked: Fitzmagic Kingdom

I’m in a dynasty league where, during preseason, my only viable starting quarterback was Jameis Winston. That’s because last year my only viable starting quarterback was Cam Newton, and early in the 2017 season I traded him for Winston, who had that weird Week 1 bye that made him extra valuable only to me, a miserly fantasy football owner who didn’t want to pay for a backup QB and tricked himself into thinking he had found the perfect solution.1

But then this year Winston went and got himself suspended, forcing me to grab Ryan Fitzpatrick off waivers during the offseason. At various times this summer, I’d look at the QBs on my roster and I was totally the “This Is Fine” dog. Then other times I’d realize everything around me is on fire and I’d start combing everyone else’s roster looking for QBs to trade for. I never made an offer. I decided I was going down with the Bucs pirate ship and its offensive captain, whoever that ended up being.

Of course, you, the reader, know exactly who that is. Whatever the status of your teams are after two weeks of this NFL season, know this: There are two owners who lost to a team that started Ryan Fitzpatrick. I mean, sure, the guy who lost to me in Week 2, OK, he probably feels moderately bad, but the guy who lost the first week, holy shit, he has to feel like garbage. No one in FFPC’s Main Event or Footballguys Players Championship started him. No one.2 In Main Event drafts, Winston was the 19th QB being taken, and here I was, starting his backup, who then led my team to a 2-0 start. All hail the conquering hero:

Now, I know this column is supposed to be about the FFPC and not my dumb dynasty team, but, come on, there was no way someone could see that photo and not figure out some way to include it. But also, there’s the power that Fitzmagic provides, not only as the current top-scoring fantasy player in FFPC but also as a shoe-horned segue into the point this extremely lucky dynasty owner is trying to make: namely, that sometimes there are guys on your roster you don’t necessarily feel that great about but are forced into starting anyway, and then when they have a great week, you can claim you’re a genius and rub everyone else’s faces in it.

In Week 2, for us, it was Matt Breida, whom we started because we waited on running back and our RB1, Rex Burkhead, had an iffy status and was playing Jacksonville in the late games. Breida had only 6 points in Week 1 against the stout Vikings defense, so, while we preferred to bench him one more week, it was a nice surprise when he put up almost 25 points against the Lions. Which is yet another segue to this:


As a reminder, I advised you last week not to panic. Well, I’m here to tell you that I took my advice, and I did not panic. And as a result of not panicking, we crushed it. Don’t believe me? Here’s more proof of said crushing:


Reaching 200 points in FFPC scoring is rarefied air. Had I been invited to attend a post-Week 2 press conference about my fantasy football teams, I would have shown up exactly like Fitzmagic, except that I’m a middle-aged, half-Asian man who couldn’t grow a beard to save his life, so if you’re wondering if it would be possible to look even more ridiculous than Fitzpatrick did, the answer is yes.

As of Wednesday, before waivers had run, Fitzpatrick was owned by about 25 percent of teams, up from 18 percent after Week 1.3 Now that there’s chatter that he could keep the job even after Winston rejoins the team in a couple weeks, it’s hard to argue that he still belongs on waivers. Ryan Fitzpatrick, possible fantasy savior: This is our life now.

In one of our Main Event leagues, the Winston owner spent $527 of his remaining $725 free agent bidding money on Fitzpatrick. In a classic example of thinking ahead, last week, in our other Main Event league, an owner got Fitzpatrick for $22. In the smattering of other Main Event leagues I looked at, Fitzpatrick bids ranged from $35 to $295, with most in the $90-$160 range. That could be a bargain if the Fitzmagical ride continues.

We chose to spend our cash on Tyler Boyd, a popular add this week. We got him for $228 on one Main Event team where we were looking for WR depth, but on the other team, which is already deep at the position, we bid $118 and lost by $1.


New feature! Last week I mocked teams that spent free agent bidding dollars on Week 1 waiver darling Will Dissly. And I was right! … Until Seattle’s last drive, when Russell Wilson hit Dissly on two passes for 36 yards and a meaningless score, which was good enough to keep Dissly at overall TE4 in FFPC scoring, behind Jared Cook, Zach Ertz and Jesse James. I can’t believe that’s real. Yikes.

Here is where I will chronicle Dissly’s season. I’m going to bet there’s no way Dissly maintains viability as an every-week starter, if for no other reason than that his last name sounds like an adverb and cannot be improved by appending “-magic” to the end.

  1. There were other pieces involved in the trade, but, yes, you can say it: The deal sucked.  (back)
  2. According to’s FFPC data.  (back)
  3. Again, according to  (back)

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