Jameer Nelson and Your Daily Hoops Cheatcodes* (3-12-13)


This is going to be a post for all you daily fantasy basketball junkies. Daily hoops can be extremely exhausting due to the massive day-to-day swings in player usage and match ups so this will serve as a great place to start when constructing your lineup.

These lineups are specific to DraftStreet, Draft Day, and FanDuel, thus it’s important to note that the scoring and position requirements at these sites are slightly different. One player might offer more value at one site, but not another.

I’ve used our extremely useful apps (for DraftStreet go here, Draft Day here, and FanDuel here) as well as some personal strategy to create a lineup for each site. I’ll be putting up two lineups each day on a rotating basis (DS/DD on Monday, DD/FD on Tuesday, FD/DS on Wednesday, and so on). I encourage you to utilize the apps I linked to above as they are some of the most valuable tools available in the daily fantasy community.

Finally, you should not just blindly follow these lineups. Very often guys are ruled out as it gets closer to tip-off and player usage becomes clearer. There are tons of places to check for pregame updates, but I’ve found Rotoworld and Twitter searches work best for me.

Game Notes:

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– With Kyrie Irving out 3-4 weeks, Shaun Livingston will step into the starting five, while Dion Waiters should see the biggest bump in production. If his price is not too inflated, I like Waiters, but Livingston has been more than serviceable as a value play.

– The Lakers, specifically Steve Nash, have been awful guarding opposing point guards this season, even during their recent hot streak. I would suspect Jameer Nelson stands in line for a big night and those suspicions can be confirmed using our useful value ratio app.

– Don’t be the guy who didn’t play LeBron tonight because you were scared off by his modest performance against Indiana.

– On FanDuel, I’m rolling with Ed Davis provided Zach Randolph sits out. Big Ed has been very productive over the last week, but his playing time will disappear once Z-Bo returns.

– On DraftDay, I’m giving Samuel Dalembert the green light as long as Larry Sanders doesn’t play. If Sanders does play, I would replace Dalembert with Emeka Okafor and swap Monta Ellis with Greivis Vasquez.

– Dwight Howard is finally rounding into all-star form, but his salary has yet to fully reflect that on FanDuel. DH12 has a good matchup against his former team and should make a good play tonight.

– Many people will shy away from Al Horford, given the Hawks draw the red-hot Heat, but he is relatively cheap on DraftDay and Miami is still in the bottom half of the league against opposing centers during their 18-game win streak.


Pos Name Salary
PG Shaun Livingston $4,850
PG Jameer Nelson $12,600
SG Monta Ellis $13,250
SG Dion Waiters $7,550
SF LeBron James $17,000
SF Nicolas Batum $10,500
PF Al Horford $14,750
PF Kevin Garnett $11,600
C Samuel Dalembert $6,150
Total $98,250


Pos Name Salary
PG Jameer Nelson $6,100
PG John Wall $6,600
SG Dion Waiters $5,600
SG Wesley Matthews $5,500
SF Tobias Harris $5,200
SF LeBron James $9,900
PF Anthony Davis $6,700
PF Ed Davis $5,400
C Dwight Howard $8,600
Total $59,600
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