Your Daily Hoops Cheatcodes* (3-1-13)


*Not actually cheatcodes.

This is going to be a post for all you daily fantasy basketball junkies. Daily hoops can be extremely exhausting due to the massive day-to-day swings in player usage and match ups so this will serve as a great place to start when constructing your lineup.

These lineups are specific to DraftStreet, Draft Day, and FanDuel, thus it’s important to note that the scoring and position requirements at these sites are slightly different. One player might offer more value at one site, but not another.

I’ve used our extremely useful apps (for DraftStreet go here, Draft Day here, and FanDuel here) as well as some personal strategy to create a lineup for each site. I’ll be putting up two lineups each day on a rotating basis (DS/DD on Monday, DD/FD on Tuesday, FD/DS on Wednesday, and so on). I encourage you to utilize the apps I linked to above as they are some of the most valuable tools available in the daily fantasy community.

Finally, you should not just blindly follow these lineups. Very often guys are ruled out as it gets closer to tip-off and player usage becomes clearer. There are tons of places to check for pregame updates, but I’ve found Rotoworld and Twitter searches work best for me.

Game Notes:

– Chris Paul is still sitting at a discounted price on Draft Day and FanDuel and he gets an attractive matchup with Cleveland. I actually like that fact that this is the second game of a back-to-back for the Clips because it limits the blow out potential.

– Since being inserted into the starting lineup, Bradley Beal has been on fire and I don’t think his hot streak ends against the Knicks, who just let Steph Curry drop a double-nickel on them.

– On FanDuel, I opted to pass on Beal for the cheaper Aaron Afflalo, who gets Jeremy “What’s defense?” Lin, and in doing so was able to get Paul Pierce into the lineup as The Truth has an enticing matchup against Golden State.

– If you aren’t using our RotoViz apps by now, then you’re really missing out because they will help you find value night in and night out. Roy Hibbert is the Value Ratio Play of the Day and he should be well rested after serving his one-game suspension.

– I’m very high on Serge Ibaka tonight in what should be a high scoring track meet against Denver. If you can get Russ Westbrook in your lineups too then I’d do it.

– If either Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap can’t go tonight for Utah, Derrick Favors becomes a very nice play. He’s been productive when given minutes and gets a soft matchup in the Bobcats.

– Last night was rough if you didn’t have Joakim Noah (had him on DraftStreet not FanDuel), but we were able to put up some competitive scores thanks to Kobe and Evan Turner. Still, tonight should offer more potential with a big slate of games.


Draft Day

Pos Name Salary
PG Chris Paul $12,050
PG Russell Westbrook $15,300
SG Greivis Vasquez $11,700
SG Bradley Beal $10,100
SF Andre Iguodala $11,450
SF Tobias Harris $8,300
PF Serge Ibaka $11,450
PF Derrick Favors $9,800
C Roy Hibbert $9,850
Total $100,000



Pos Name Salary
PG Chris Paul $7,700
PG Brandon Knight $5,100
SG Aaron Afflalo $6,200
SG Gordon Hayward $5,600
SF LeBron James $9,900
SF Paul Pierce $7,500
PF Serge Ibaka $6,500
PF Derrick Favors $5,400
C Roy Hibbert $5,900
Total $59,800
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