Your Daily Hoops Cheatcodes* (3-3-13)


This is going to be a post for all you daily fantasy basketball junkies. Daily hoops can be extremely exhausting due to the massive day-to-day swings in player usage and match ups so this will serve as a great place to start when constructing your lineup.

These lineups are specific to DraftStreet, Draft Day, and FanDuel, thus it’s important to note that the scoring and position requirements at these sites are slightly different. One player might offer more value at one site, but not another.

I’ve used our extremely useful apps (for DraftStreet go here, Draft Day here, and FanDuel here) as well as some personal strategy to create a lineup for each site. I’ll be putting up two lineups each day on a rotating basis (DS/DD on Monday, DD/FD on Tuesday, FD/DS on Wednesday, and so on). I encourage you to utilize the apps I linked to above as they are some of the most valuable tools available in the daily fantasy community.

Finally, you should not just blindly follow these lineups. Very often guys are ruled out as it gets closer to tip-off and player usage becomes clearer. There are tons of places to check for pregame updates, but I’ve found Rotoworld and Twitter searches work best for me.

Game Notes:

– These lineups are for the games starting at 6pm EST. They do not include players from the OKC/LAC or MIA/NY games.

– With Tony Parker out, I think a lot of people are going to try and get cute by playing whoever starts in his place, but I’ve learned it’s best to not try and guess what Gregg Popovich is going to do with his team. I’m taking Manu Ginobili at a mid-range price rather than rolling the dice with Patty Mills or Nando De Colo.

– Darren Collison has been struggling mightily this past week, but he’s got a high scoring affair with in-state rival Houston to turn things around. At a cheap price, he’s worth a start in my book.

– Tobias Harris is still cheap at FanDuel, but his salary has tripled over the past few days at DraftStreet. Nonetheless, I’m playing him in both spots. The Magic are in full tank mode and GM Rob Hennigan is going to want to see what he’s got in his newly acquired forward.

– DeMarcus Cousins is our Value Ratio Sure Thing of the Night as he gets a beautiful matchup with the Bobcats (the same team that jus gave up 23 and 22 to Enes Kanter).

– I’m giving Dirk Nowitzki the green light, and although he’s declined this year, he’s shown flashes of his old self recently. Throw in an attractive matchup with the Rockets and he makes a solid play.

– Finally, last night you either had a great night thanks to Klay Thompson/Evan Turner/Thad Young or Rudy Gay cost you some money. Late scratches inevitably happen and if you play daily hoops long enough you’ll no doubt have it go both ways for you. Good luck tonight and to be safe make sure Popovich doesn’t sit his whole team last minute.


Pos Name Salary
G Darren Collison $10,148
G Manu Ginobili $11,449
F Tobias Harris $12,620
F Dirk Nowitzki $15,852
C DeMarcus Cousins $15,058
C Emeka Okafor $12,492
U Tiago Splitter $9,587
U Evan Turner $12,319
Total $99,525



Pos Name Salary
PG Darren Collison $5,400
PG Brandon Knight $5,100
SG James Harden $9,900
SG Manu Ginobili $5,400
SF Tobias Harris $4,500
SF Evan Turner $6,100
PF Dirk Nowitzki $7,600
PF Tim Duncan $7,700
C DeMarcus Cousins $7,900
Total $59,600
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