Your Daily Hoops Cheatcodes* (3-9-13)


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*Not actually cheatcodes.

This is going to be a post for all you daily fantasy basketball junkies. Daily hoops can be extremely exhausting due to the massive day-to-day swings in player usage and match ups so this will serve as a great place to start when constructing your lineup.

These lineups are specific to DraftStreet, Draft Day, and FanDuel, thus it’s important to note that the scoring and position requirements at these sites are slightly different. One player might offer more value at one site, but not another.

I’ve used our extremely useful apps (for DraftStreet go here, Draft Day here, and FanDuel here) as well as some personal strategy to create a lineup for each site. I’ll be putting up two lineups each day on a rotating basis (DS/DD on Monday, DD/FD on Tuesday, FD/DS on Wednesday, and so on). I encourage you to utilize the apps I linked to above as they are some of the most valuable tools available in the daily fantasy community.

Finally, you should not just blindly follow these lineups. Very often guys are ruled out as it gets closer to tip-off and player usage becomes clearer. There are tons of places to check for pregame updates, but I’ve found Rotoworld and Twitter searches work best for me.Game Notes:

– It should be a high scoring night as there are a ton of matchups featuring little to no defense.

– The guys I will be paying for across the board are David Lee and Josh Smith. Lee gets a dream matchup against the Bucks and Smith (on a discounted price tag) gets Brooklyn.

– On DraftDay, I’m taking guys with generally more scoring ability as you don’t get penalized for missed field goals. Monta Ellis, Ty Lawson, and Deron Williams all have the upside of a Curry or a Harden, but instead of only being able to afford one, we get three.

– Also Kenneth Faried and Andre Iguodala deserve a long look as Minnesota travels to Denver. The T-Wolves have just been bad over the past few games.

– Emeka Okafor is in all my lineups and is my RotoViz Value Ratio Play of the Day. Okafor’s floor is about 20-25 points, but his upside in this one is astronomical. The matchup is so juicy I’m even playing Nene as well on DraftStreet.

– Speaking of DS, Ersan Ilyasova, Klay Thompson, and Gordan Hayward are all guys who have shown they can outperform their current modest salaries. I think there’s a very good chance that two of those three break the 30-point mark.

– Wes Johnson is my sleeper of the night, but before you just blindly follow my advice, understand that Johnson has been one of the most wildly inconsistent players I have ever recommended. The Suns are short-handed so in theory the minutes should be there for Wes, but anything is possible for a team in full tank mode. If it makes you feel any better I am playing Wes on my own teams so I am essentially putting my money where my mouth is and I will let you know on Twitter if that changes before tip-off.

– As always good luck and be sure to check out our apps before making any tweaks to these lineups.




Pos Name Salary
PG Deron Williams $12,100
PG Ty Lawson $12,200
SG Monta Ellis $13,400
SG Andre Iguodala $10,200
SF Wes Johnson $4,650
SF Josh Smith $12,800
PF David Lee $14,800
PF Kenneth Faried $9,950
C Emeka Okafor $9,800
Total $99,900




Pos Name Salary
G Gordon Hayward $11,069
G Klay Thompson $10,981
F David Lee $17,911
F Josh Smith $15,160
C Emeka Okafor $12,973
C Nene Hilario $11,308
U Wes Johnson $7,434
U Ersan Ilyasova $12,778
Total $99,614
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