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Demetrius Harris: The Next Big TE To Make A Splash In The NFL?

Kansas City Chiefs 2014 Practice

Everyone who reads the content on this site knows how much we adore guys with interesting measurables. One example is a guy who Davis Mattek looked into earlier this week, Brandon Williams, of Carolina. Tight ends in the NFL are unique beasts. They’re big, they’re fast, and they’re difficult to cover. They’re also being utilized more and more. Demetrius Harris is cut from a similar cloth as other successful TEs in this league. Harris is a former basketball player, just like several other TEs who’ve been successful before him. Except Harris never played college football.

“Things are happening very quickly for Demetrius,” coach Rob Jeter said. “Like I told all the [NFL] coaches, if you want him to shoot free throws, that’s not your man.  But if you want him to catch a football, he can do that.”


Demetrius Harris34 1/46'7"23036.510'2"4.52
Jimmy Graham356'6"26038.512'4.56
Julius Thomas336'5"24635.59'3"4.68
Rob Gronkowski34 1/46'6"25833.59'11"4.68
Jordan Cameron33 1/26'5"25437.59'11"4.53
Ladarius Green34 1/46'6"2383410'4"4.53

Harris is taller than Jimmy Graham, Gronk, Green, Jordan Cameron, and Julius Thomas. Harris also ran a faster forty time than the names I just mentioned. The table represents the numbers at his pro-day last year. However, it is reported that he has packed on some pounds since joining the Chiefs last year.

Harris has the build to be a successful tight end in the NFL. Fantasy Douche did two different write ups on why we love heavy WRs. The other article on why we’re chubby chasers can be found here. What goes for receivers also goes for tight ends.

Freak Score:

Like Davis mentioned in his article about Brandon Williams, the Freak Score is typically used for WRs. However,  with the way TEs are utilized now, you can make the argument they’re basically receivers. I also find it interesting to see their comparable players.

Demetrius Harris792304.5281
Michael Floyd752204.4078
Andre Johnson742304.4182
Julio Jones752204.3484

Those are definitely eye popping names. Except those WRs are much faster than Harris. They also have experience in the NFL. Harris never played in college, either. He is a very raw talent, but the measurables look like everything RotoViz writers dream about.

Playing Time:


Although Harris is a raw talent, playing time isn’t out of the question. Travis Kelce could be this years lottery ticket, as Davis Mattek suggests. Maybe the Chiefs will hit the lottery twice? The Chiefs WR corps isn’t all that impressive, either.


There’s no shortage of encouraging things being said about this kid. Demetrius Harris is going to be one of those players I monitor very closely this off-season. The first step would be making the team, which seems likely after Sean McGrath’s retirement. At the very least, I see him as deep dynasty add at the moment. Be sure to keep an eye on him during the Chiefs remaining preseason games.

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