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Joe 2 Pro: DraftKings Millionaire Maker Strategy- An Interview with a DFS Pro

Dez Bryant

Professional DFS player, Chris Prince, the 2011 FFFC Champion was kind enough to answer a few questions for me regarding large field GPPs. You may have noticed him from the commercials on ESPN. I figured this was appropriate with the DraftKings Millionaire Maker tournament approaching this weekend.

If you missed my first article introducing the “Joe 2 Pro” series, you can read it here. It gives a brief overview on how to attack daily fantasy sports without feeling like you’re drowning. What I am trying to do with the Joe 2 Pro series is bring up topics that I wish I knew about when I had first started playing. There’s definitely a learning curve when you go from seasonal leagues to daily play.

There are 92,000 people capable of joining the DraftKings Millionaire Maker this week. You may need a unique team to take this down, but there shouldn’t be a shortage of possibilities to be able to do that. TJ Hernandez did the math for us.


I reached out to Chris Prince to shed some light on how he may approach a DraftKings tournament of this nature.

1. DraftKings is having their Millionaire Maker tournament this weekend and the cap for players is set at 92,000. What’s your No.1 thing to avoid for a large tournament like this?

“The biggest thing to avoid in a large field GPP is overthinking. The word contrarian has become a popular term in the DFS community and the term certainly holds weight but some people go too far out into left field to be “different” than everybody else. Finding a 5 percenter who goes off is a tremendous advantage but you don’t have to do that at every single position and you still need a great roster everywhere else. Another popular DFS term is “fade” and sometimes people are just over thinking and trying to predict the ownership of every player. It’s impossible to predict in such a large field and I’m not suggesting it’s something you shouldn’t think about, just don’t cause  yourself paralysis by analysis. Try to mix in some of these ideas about contrarian plays and fades into making the highest scoring lineup you can possibly make without being out on a deserted island.”

2. Do you prefer to target WRs that have the best chance to score a touchdown, or would you rather target someone who gets the majority of the market share on their team on a full PPR site like DraftKings (Andrew Hawkins, Emmanuel Sanders), but may not necessarily find the end zone?

“Touchdowns are one of the hardest things to predict in fantasy football so I tend to go after WRs that see a ton of targets because targets equals opportunity and the more a guy has the ball in his hands the more likely he may be to find the end zone. A guy like Antonio Brown is a tremendous example in that last year he was always downgraded because he didn’t score many TDs, now this season he has five in the first four weeks and is a favorite of mine because he gets double digit targets EVERY week.”

3. How do you handle the flex-spot on DraftKings when you’re competing in this large of a playing field?

“The flex spot is usually a WR for me on DraftKings as they are the ideal targets in a full point PPR format to put up the biggest numbers but I try and be flexible here depending on the week. There may be weeks where I have a bunch of RBs I like so the flex helps me get more of them in my lineup or a week I can’t decide between Jimmy Graham and Julius Thomas so I just play them both. Every week is a different puzzle to solve and the biggest thing the flex does is gives you more flexibility to construct your roster so I like to tinker around with a bunch of different combinations to come up with my ideal flex for the week.”

4. In a large GPP, will you follow the chalk plays or stray to be more contrarian?

“Honestly, a combination of both. In a tournament of this size, you certainly have to think outside the box because it will do you no good to have the same players or stacks that everyone else has. You have to be contrarian without going crazy and rostering guys that don’t possess the ceiling you need to win this tournament. You have to be almost perfect at every position to outlast 92,000 other team so you need the five percenters that wildly exceed projections along with the chalk that fully live up to expectations all coming together to form a winning million dollar lineup.”

Hopefully this should help shed some light on how to approach not only this tournament for DraftKings, but any large field tournaments you plan on to enter in the near future.

Interview No. 2

I also interviewed DraftKings professional Jonathan Bales on how to attack the DraftKings Millionaire Maker.

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