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Tyrell Williams: Deep Sleeper Wide Receiver Prospect?


As a Lions fan1 my ears perked up when I read that they’d brought in Tyrell Williams for a pre-draft visit. Who doesn’t love day dreaming about finding a gem late in the draft? So is Williams someone we should monitor?


Williams posted some impressive pro day numbers.

Name Ht Wt 40 Vert Broad Shuttle Cone
Tyrell Williams 75.5 204 4.38 39.5 127 4.22 6.53

That gives him a speed score of 110.9. His other numbers would put him roughly in the top six for 2015 wide receiver prospects.

Because he went to small school Western Oregon University, he’s not in our database, so I couldn’t use the Box Score Scout to find comparables. But I did plug him into the Freak Score Calculator to get a sense of his potential for scoring touchdowns at the NFL level. He scores a respectable 67, which puts him in this company.

Player Ht Wt 40 Freak Score
TERRELL WATSON 75.5 204 4.42 67
MARK BRADLEY 73.375 201 4.37 66
TERRELL SINKFIELD 72.25 198 4.33 66
TODD WATKINS 74.375 202 4.4 66
JARON BROWN 74.375 204 4.4 67
JULIUS PRUITT 73.5 206 4.4 67
BRAYLON EDWARDS 74.875 210 4.45 67
AJ GREEN 75.625 211 4.48 66
JOHN CHILES 73.125 212 4.42 67
BRAD SMITH 74.125 213 4.46 66
MILES AUSTIN 74.125 215 4.47 66
ALSHON JEFFERY 74.875 216 4.48 67
DAVID NELSON 77.25 217 4.54 67
TYRONE TIMMONS 75 218 4.5 67
GREG CHILDS 75.125 219 4.52 66
DWAYNE BOWE 74.25 221 4.51 66
RILEY COOPER 75.375 222 4.53 67
TOMMY MANUS 75.875 222 4.55 66
MARCUS MONK 76.25 222 4.56 66
DERECK FAULKNER 74.625 225 4.53 67
REGGIE WILLIAMS 75.75 225 4.56 67

Some duds to be sure, but also some very respectable names. I’m still on board.


Here are Williams’ stats for his final season.

RECEIVING GP Rec Yards Avg TD Avg/G msYds msTD DR TD/G
Williams, Tyrell 10 56 950 16.96 8 95 0.28 0.28 0.28 0.8

I included TDs/game based on recent work by Max Mulitz, who found it to be a useful indicator. Williams’ 0.8 TD/game is a positive, but his market share numbers are a touch lower than we’d like to see. Especially when we consider that he’s likely an older prospect. I couldn’t find an age for him, but he did play four seasons in college.

Finally, there’s this concern.

RECEIVING GP Rec Yards Avg TD Avg/G msYds msTD DR TD/G
Revis, Paul 11 67 1149 17.15 11 104.45 0.34 0.38 0.36 1
Williams, Tyrell 10 56 950 16.96 8 95 0.28 0.28 0.28 0.8

Paul Revis was actually the leading receiver for Western Oregon last season. For the record, Revis is a 5 foot 9 inch, 195 pound redshirt freshman. Oh.

To be fair, Williams improved his TD/game rate for three straight seasons, and bumped his DR up five percent from his sophomore and junior seasons. But he never hit 1000 yards or 10 TDs, and never really dominated his team’s passing game.


He’s currently not even ranked at CBS Sports, and despite visits with the Lions, Chargers, and Patriots, remains a long shot to be drafted. He’s definitely athletic and should get a training camp look, with an opportunity to play special teams perhaps. Noted to be “the best athlete on the field,” I would expect him to dominate more. In my opinion he’s not on the fantasy football radar.

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