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The Lowdown: Ameer Abdullah & Niles Paul the New No. 1?

Niles Paul

DeSean Jackson950.187103.6277.280.81
Niles Paul520.10058.8217.380.33
Pierre Garcon1050.193117.409.800.09
Andre Roberts730.13481.22-5.92-0.08
Jordan Reed650.17578.92-7.42-0.11

In his limited action last season, Niles Paul was the second most efficient target for the Redskins in 2014. On the flip side of things, Jordan Reed was the least efficient target. Reed has had problems staying healthy for the majority of his career. The Redskins also gave Paul a three-year, $6 million deal in March. I don’t think you’d do that with somebody you don’t plan on utilizing.




Paul also bolstered a respectable 9.1 AY/A when Robert Griffin III is throwing him the ball. The way I draft, if I’m not drafting any of the top-tier tight ends then I am usually waiting until the end of the rounds before I select one. Right now Niles Paul is basically a free asset who has potential to be a top-12 tight end if he’s getting the majority of reps over Reed. Dan Williams dives deeper on what to expect from Niles Paul.

Ameer Abdullah

From Pro Football Talk:

Count defensive coordinator Teryl Austin among those who think that Abdullah has what it takes to fulfill those hopes. Austin said Saturday that his unit has found it difficult to stop Abdullah during training camp practices.

“We can’t even tackle that guy,” Austin said, via the Detroit Free Press. “We can’t even touch him. He’s like grasping at air.”

Waaaaay earlier in the offseason, I was all about Joique Bell, but as events happen such as the Lions drafting Ameer Abdullah and Bell battling a knee and Achilles injury my opinion has started to trend the other direction. Bell will likely be put on the back burner for me, while Abdullah appears to the be Lions RB that I would want shares of, if I am drafting a Lions RB. Bell isn’t exactly the poster boy of clean health and Abdullah is an Agility All-Star. Abdullah also sported the highest SPARQ score of any RB in the 2015 draft class. Anthony Amico looks into whether you should draft TJ Yeldon or Abdullah and Patrick Kerrane thinks Ammer Abdullah could be a league winner in 2015.

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