The Lowdown: Brandon Bolden, Kendall Wright, and Dorial Green-Beckham

Brandon Bolden

From the Boston Harold:

Strictly judging by appearances, veteran Brandon Bolden is currently the leader in the clubhouse for Shane Vereen’s third down back role. He’s moved ahead of second-year back James White and everyone else.

Bolden has been the main man for Tom Brady as the pass catching/blocking back during the past three practices.

He was the primary guy during Friday’s session. But one practice doesn’t mean much. It could be a rotation type deal. But then, he was the lead again Saturday. So we’ve started a trend. Three days? Can’t be a coincidence. We’re onto something.

The “Shane Vereen” role in this offense could hold some fantasy value. While Brandon Bolden may not have the pass-catching ability of Vereen, he’s certainly capable of handling this role if he were to win it. Bolden hasn’t had as much pass catching experience in the NFL, but he did catch 32 passes in his best college season. Bolden is an exceptional pass-blocker which is likely the main reason that he’s being considered for this, along with the struggles of James White. 


Right now White is being selected ahead of Bolden, and the lack of red dots on the ADP graph means Bolden is frequently going undrafted. If I am drafting a Patriots running back that isn’t named LeGarrette Blount it would be Brandon Bolden. Matthew Freedman wrote a great article in 2013 that makes the case for Brandon Bolden as the next Fred Jackson.

Tennessee Wide Recievers

From Titans Online:

On Kendall Wright: “He seems to be one of Marcus Mariota’s guys. He is definitely getting a vibe with Mariota during camp. Kendall has dropped weight, and what Kendall has done this offseason is he got into the playbook and he is really understanding the fine details of the playbook and how important it is for him to be at the right place at the right time. Because we have a young quarterback that is really accurate and will get him the ball.”

On Justin Hunter: “His mentality has totally changed. It looks like he is ready to take the jump. Justin is extremely talented and has great ability. Now, his mentality is catching up to his physical skills. I really like what I have seen out of Justin.”

Kendall Wright930.213103.2232.780.35
Delanie Walker1050.219124.5616.540.16
Nate Washington720.14383.1013.600.19
Justin Hunter670.18075.696.110.09

Last season the Titans wide receiver corp was far from exciting, especially when your most efficient WR was Kendall Wright. A lot of us pictured a breakout season for athletic juggernaut Justin Hunter, but that never came to fruition. With mediocre quarterback play it was difficult for their WRs to contribute much for our fantasy teams.

In comes Marcus Mariota. Justin Winn wonders if he could be one 2015’s most valuable fantasy QBs. With Mariota seemingly gravitating towards Wright, he will likely be the safest Titans WR you can draft, while the upside isn’t there, there is something to be said for consistency. He lacks touchdowns scoring ability, but he could make for a decent cheap play in daily leagues for Week 1 where he could help open up some salary on DraftKings and FanDuel.


Justin Hunter makes for an interesting pick this season because he’s got an assault case that’s pending, so it’s basically free to acquire him and you wonder if he was just a victim of poor QB play last season.

From Football Outsiders:

If Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright are truly not excited by Marcus Mariota, perhaps they should reconsider — they posted two of the highest 12 uncatchable rates in 2014. For wide receivers, the correlation between uncatchable rate and DVOA was -0.48, which makes plenty of sense. Hard to be an effective receiver when the quarterback just can’t get you the ball. These are imperfect stats, because sometimes a pass might be overthrown because the receiver wasn’t fast enough to get to a spot. That’s why I like to look at teammates here to pick up on where the quarterback is the main issue, or where roles are well defined.

Fantasy Douche wonders if the book is closed on Justin Hunter?

On Dorial Green-Beckham: “He has great physical skills, and just needs game experience. He is on the right track. He is a big guy who can run, but he has shown the ability to pick up the playbook. He has done well. There have been some growing pains, but that kid is going to be all right.”

While you should probably take coach speak with salt lick because how often are you going to hear them say anything poor about their players? “Well, he’s pretty mediocre, he can’t run routes correctly (looking at your Cordarrelle Patterson), he’s slow of the line and he tells terrible jokes.” But Dorial Green-Beckham is an amazing prospect, and I’ll be curious to see how the Titans utilize him this year. He’s also been getting some reps with the first-team offense in training camp. In fact, Anthony Amico makes the case for selecting DGB as a top-5 rookie pick.


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