Could This Combine Loser Be the Next Stefon Diggs?
Tyler Boyd Fantasy
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After the combine, a little air came out of the Tyler Boyd balloon. Boyd, who was a consensus top-two receiver in devy leagues going into the 2015 season, now doesn’t even reside in many ranker’s top five.

Even though he had one of the most precocious college wide receiver seasons of the decade, Boyd’s stock is dropping significantly. Most likely this is due to poor senior year raw stats, poor combine scores, and from poor grades given by multiple popular writers.

All hope is not lost though.

In fact let’s remember that college production matters more to a wide receiver’s success than the NFL combine, so I don’t care much that Boyd wasn’t overly fast or agile. We already know that he is an elite college producer. In fact, you can compare his 2014 season to that of Amari Cooper’s and Tyler Lockett’s and it stacks up fairly nicely.

There is one other prospect that comes to mind for me however when it comes to comps on Boyd. Often I see him get slapped with the Keenan Allen comparable, which seems tenuous, but he’s arguably closer to Stefon Diggs.

Tyler Boyd vs Stefon Diggs

Like Boyd, Diggs yards per reception took a significant hit from his sophomore year to his junior year. Diggs was also seen as a combine loser, testing as an extremely average athlete. However, both receivers excelled in the return game and held an elite market share of receiving yards every single year they played college football.

Those watching film came away with similar takes. Diggs “doesn’t possess the strength or long speed to make a living as an outside receiver, but he can be an extremely effective weapon from the slot.” He needs the “right offensive coordinator” to be successful.

Boyd also gets categorized as a possession receiver who lacks athleticism to win on the outside in the NFL. Many claim he is better suited as a slot receiver and a team’s second or third option.

We know how the story of Diggs went. He fell to the fifth round and became more of a flyer with promising comparables than an elite prospect. Now he’s a dynasty hot commodity and a favorite buy low of the offseason.

If you believe in Diggs, shouldn’t Boyd also be a no brainer? To top it off, Boyd has the third highest Phenom Score of this draft class and will probably be drafted before the two receivers above him which should lead to more playing time out of the gate. He may not be as exciting a name as his fellow receivers in this class but he is probably one of the safest . . . and now he comes at a discount.

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