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The 2016 Post Draft NFL Rookie Rankings

Now that the NFL draft has ended, we can revisit our pre-draft rookie rankings and update them. Sixteen RotoViz scribes got together and ranked the top 60 dynasty fantasy football rookies.

Rookie Rankings

These rankings include all positions. Don’t worry about the smallish visual; we’ll break it out in more detail below.


Here is the same information in table form:

1Elliott, Ezekiel DALDALRB959
2Coleman, Corey CLECLEWR941
3Treadwell, Laquon MINMINWR915
4Doctson, Josh WASWASWR897
5Shepard, Sterling NYGNYGWR879
6Fuller, Will HOUHOUWR853
7Boyd, Tyler CINCINWR852
8Henry, Derrick TENTENRB851
9Thomas, Michael NOSNOSWR818
10Prosise, C.J. SEASEARB817
11Carroo, Leonte MIAMIAWR789
12Dixon, Kenneth BALBALRB754
13Drake, Kenyan MIAMIARB735
14Booker, Devontae DENDENRB731
15Cooper, Pharoh RAMRAMWR730
16Howard, Jordan CHICHIRB691
17Mitchell, Malcolm NEPNEPWR676
18Perkins, Paul NYGNYGRB671
19Ervin, Tyler HOUHOURB640
20Goff, Jared RAMRAMQB634
21Higgins, Rashard CLECLEWR605
22Henry, Hunter SDCSDCTE594
23Smallwood, Wendell PHIPHIRB584
24Marshall, Keith WASWASRB579
25Lynch, Paxton DENDENQB567
26Thomas, Mike RAMRAMWR555
27Miller, Braxton HOUHOUWR532
28Wentz, Carson PHIPHIQB532
29Sharpe, Tajae TENTENWR514
30Lasco, Daniel NONORB469
31Lewis, Roger NYGNYGWR445
32Washington, DeAndre, OAKOAKRB444
33Garrett, Keyarris CARCARWR427
34Ferguson, Josh INDINDRB421
35Louis, Ricardo CLECLEWR414
36Hooper, Austin ATLATLTE410
37Moore, Chris BALBALWR409
38Collins, Alex SEASEARB375
39Williams, Jonathan BUFBUFRB360
40Higbee, Tyler RAMRAMTE285
41Coprich, Marshaun NYGNYGRB229
42Payton, Jordan CLECLEWR223
43Hackenberg, Christian NYJNYJQB205
44Braverman, Daniel CHICHIWR189
45Kessler, Cody CLECLEQB177
46Prescott, Dak DALDALQB176
47Jackson, Darius DALDALRB167
48Burbridge, Aaron SFOSFOWR150
49Boehringer, Moritz MINMINWR144
50Robinson Demarcus KCKCWR142
51Peake, Charone NYJNYJWR141
52Cajuste, Devon SFOSFOWR136
53Devalve, Seth CLECLETE136
54Listenbee, Kolby BUFBUFWR127
55Jones, Cardale BUFBUFQB123
56Marshall, Byron PHIPHIWR122
57Adams, Jerell NYGNYGTE105
58Sharp, Hunter PHIPHIWR98
59Duarte, Thomas MIAMIATE97
60Taylor, Kelvin SFOSFORB97

You can see that no natural tiers are created, which could just say that we’re mostly in agreement about the order. For instance, we have Ezekiel Elliott ahead of Corey Coleman, but there’s also a lot of agreement that Coleman should be second. If instead there was a lot of disagreement that Coleman is second then what you’d see is a big drop from Elliott to Coleman. Let’s go through them round-by-round as it were, imagining a rookie draft that followed these rankings, looking first at the top 12, then the next 12, etc.

The Top 12


For reference, here’s how the scoring works. Sixteen rankers x 60 players ranked = maximum score of 960 points.

Additional Research

No. 13 to No. 24


Another flat tier. This time, Kenyan Drake, Devontae Booker, and Pharoh Cooper come in with very similar scores. There’s a drop down to Jordan Howard – Malcolm Mitchell – Paul Perkins, and then another drop to the Tyler Ervin level.

We also get two new positions represented, with quarterback Jared Goff and tight end Hunter Henry.

Additional Research:

No. 25 – No. 36


QB Paxton Lynch leads things off in this tier, followed by the second Rams WR, who also happens to be the second Mike Thomas. Next, Braxton Miller and Carson Wentz get equal scores.

Starting with Daniel Lasco, we drop below 50 percent of the maximum possible score per player. We’re entering the part of the rankings where things get a lot more speculative. Odds are longer for these players, but if they hit, guys like Roger Lewis, Keyarris Garrett, and Josh Ferguson could really pay off.

Additional Research:

No. 37 to No. 48


This tier doesn’t offer much, if any, immediate value. But you’ll still find some intriguing names like Tyler Higbee, Marshaun Coprich, and QBs Cody Kessler and Dak Prescott.

Additional Research:

No. 49 to No. 60


The final tier is led off by everyone’s favorite German, Moritz Boehringer, followed by Kansas City’s Demarcus Robinson, and the Jets Charone Peake. Lots of physical talent and potential there, but also really low floors.

And finally, because you might be curious about how each of the 16 rankers differed, here’s a Google Sheet for you to explore.

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