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Diary of High-Stakes Virgins: Zero RB Dumpster Diving

The original version of this article was a 5,000 word love letter to Stefon Diggs. It was hand-written, scanned, and delivered via carrier pigeon to RotoViz headquarters. Every “i” in Diggs was dotted with a heart.

What appears below is the second version of this article after the editors told us our use of glitter was egregious and would in no way help our readers win their fantasy leagues. They also said RotoViz has essentially already written hundreds of love letters to Diggs and that this article would be better utilized as a window into how a Zero RB team attacks the waiver wire in a high stakes league.

So that’s what we’ll do, but just know that Diggs, our eighth round pick, put the team on his back last week and single-handedly saved us from going 0-2 in our FFPC Main Event League. We love you, Stefon.

RB Desperation Status: Desperate

When we decided to build our team around the Zero RB strategy, we didn’t realize that meant we’d literally have zero usable running backs. After two weeks, that’s essentially where we are at. If you promise to grab a barf bag in advance, we’ll list our running back stable before waivers ran:

Arian Foster, Jeremy Hill, Chris Ivory, Shaun Draughn, Tyler Ervin, and Damien Williams.

Ya, so, about that. We needed to do some work on the waiver wire this week. Here’s what we did:

Waiver Wire Bids

Priority 1: Dwayne Washington (Bid: 44 percent)

Washington was our clear priority this week. With Ameer Abdullah out for at least eight weeks, a large portion of the rushing workload is up for grabs. We’re betting that Theo Riddick and his 3.2 career YPC won’t be the guy for the job. Washington, meanwhile is already handling goal line duties so the addition of a significant rushing workload could make him our top back. And although his receiving workload is probably capped by Riddick, it’s worth noting that Washington is a converted WR who put up and agility score of 11.07 at 223 pounds, compared with Riddick’s 11.31 agility score at 201 pounds. He may not get a ton of work in the passing game, but if he does he could do quite well with it.

Result: Added (Next highest bid: 30 percent, Overpaid by $138)

We got him! We were pretty pumped out this result, both because we got our guy and because we walked back our bid from 51 percent to 44 percent about an hour before waivers ran after I reviewed some winning bids from a non-FFPC set of leagues with similar depth. We still overpaid by 14 percent of our budget, but frankly I don’t care. Washington is worth 44 percent of our budget and we got him, that’s all that matters.

Priority 2: Jordan Howard (Bid: 5.3 percent)

We thought about adding Howard last week but went with Williams who looked like a good bet for production if Foster went down. Oops. Now he’s a bit more expensive but still relatively cheap. He could potentially emerge as the Bears starter soon and would be a great add.

Result: Not added (Winning bid: 5.4 percent, Missed by $1!)

I am legitimately heartbroken by this result. I co-manage a team with my girlfriend in her beginners league. This is an eight team league with shallow benches. So guess who’s on the waiver wire? Normally the purpose of this beginners league is to foster more interest in fantasy football among it’s members. But this week the purpose of the league was to allow me to console myself by picking up Jordan Howard, even though I literally had to drop Duke Johnson to do it.

Priority 3: Matt Asiata (Bid 5 percent)

We had an 11 percent bid in that was contingent on us getting outbid for Washington, but since we landed Washington, this is the bid that processed. For some, Asiata would have been the priority over Washington. But since Washington is also a goal line guy, we wanted the RB who doesn’t consider “Just as Guy” as something to aspire to.

Result: Not added (Winning bid: 22 percent)

This is one of those times where you miss out on a guy and feel fine about it. While Asiata would have been a really nice add, we’re not willing to spend over 22 percent of our budget on him.

Priority 4: Josh Ferguson (Bid: .01 percent)

Ferguson was dropped during Week 1 waivers but this is the first time he’s available to be claimed. We were thinking he’d be under the radar and we could add him with just a $1 bid out of our $1000 budget.

Priority 5: Kenyan Drake (Bid: .01 percent)

Drake is someone we felt like should be owned but wasn’t necessarily a lot more valuable that Shaun Draughn, the guy we’d have to drop to get him. So we also went with a $1 bid here.

Verdict: Neither added (Winning bids: 13 percent for Ferguson, 12 percent for Drake)

In retrospect we should have bumped up our bid for Ferguson here. Frank Gore is on his last legs and even if he makes it through the season, Ferguson could grow into a passing game role that provides stand alone value.

RB Desperation Status: Slightly Less Desperate

Getting Washington feels like a huge add. We’re both really excited about his potential and there’s a big opportunity available to him. Reports on Chris Ivory are looking positive as well and who know, maybe Jeremy Hill will even do something soon. But this is still a pretty dire situation, and we’ll continue to attack the position on waivers in future weeks.

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