3 Defensive Streamers to Help You in Week 7


Last week could have gone better for those of us streaming defenses. Though the Titans finished as DST 13, the Jaguars and Lions struggled en route to finishing 22 and 23, respectively. I owned the Steelers, who we streamed in Week 5, in a number of leagues and felt good about their matchup with the Dolphins. Pittsburgh finished in the negative; it was a rough week.1


As always, we will be using ownership percentages from ESPN fantasy leagues to identify potential streaming options. I have listed the 16 least-owned defenses below as well as their Week 7 opponent, preliminary line and over/under.

StreamerOwnership %LineOpponentOver/Under
Bears29.6+9at Packers46.5
Raiders29.3+1.5at Jaguars49
at Jets29.1 PKRavens42.5
Giants13.6-3Rams (in London)44
Colts12.2+2.5at Titans49
at Jaguars10.4-1.5Raiders49
at Lions10.2-1Redskins48.5
at Dolphins7.1+3Bills44.5
Redskins6.4+1at Lions48.5
at Falcons5.1-6.5Chargers52.5
Buccaneers4.9-2at 49ers47.5
Chargers3.7+6.5at Falcons52.5
at 49ers2.4+2Buccaneers47.5
Saints0.5+6.5at Chiefs50
Browns0.4+9.5at Bengals45.5

For those of you that like to plan ahead, here’s the Streaming D App filtered for the next three weeks.


San Francisco 49ers |vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, +2 Underdog

As we’ve talked about before, I prefer to stream home favorites. However, opposing DSTs are averaging nearly 11 points per game when facing Tampa Bay and an average weekly ranking of 11. Only the Jets have made for an easier matchup and Tampa Bay is averaging over two turnovers a game; third highest in the league. For these reasons, the 49ers are an acceptable streaming option and ranked third by the Streaming D App, even as an underdog. The Buccaneers have been held to a single touchdown in forty percent of games played and are averaging under nineteen on a weekly basis. In the interest of full disclosure, the 49ers DST has been pretty bad. In Week 1, the team accrued 16 points when facing the Rams but has struggled since. Of course, we’re not going to have the best defenses at our disposal when choosing from the bottom 16. Given that home favorites Atlanta, Jacksonville and Detroit will be facing capable offenses, San Francisco merits consideration for Week 7.

OAKLAND RAIDERS | @ Jacksonville Jaguars, +1.5 Underdog

The Raiders are another underdog with a favorable matchup for Week 7 and ranked sixth by the Streaming D App. Though the team will be on the road, it will be squaring off against an offense that has lost all games played in its home stadium this season. Turnover machine Blake Borttles has already thrown seven interceptions and the Jaguars are top ten in turnovers and sacks surrendered per game to opposing DSTs. Four of the five opponents Jacksonville faced finished in the weekly top 14, averaging eight fantasy points in these matchups. Though Oakland is DST 26 on a points per game basis, the team has finished in the top 10 two times and with its more than capable offense should be able to force Borttles into passing. The Jaguars have the ability to post solid offensive performances, however, they have been one of the best streaming targets over the last three seasons with opposing DSTs averaging 11 points per game during this time.

New York Giants | vs. Los Angeles Rams, -3 Favorite (in London)

London games can get weird fast but the Giants will be a three point favorite in what Vegas projects as the lowest scoring game of the week. Though the Rams did prove me wrong Sunday, when facing the Lions, let’s not forget that we successfully streamed against the team in Weeks 1 and 3. Further, opposing DSTs are averaging over nine points when facing the Rams and a weekly rank of 11. The Rams are a bottom five offense in points per game and surrender one and a half turnovers each week. Though the Giants DST has finished in the bottom third of weekly rankings in sixty percent of its games, New York did hold the Saints to 13 points while recording 12 in Week 2. Plus, the Streaming D App likes New York’s chances this week, ranking the team seventh.

If you’re lucky enough to play in a league where the RavensPackers or Bengals are available I would consider prioritizing these teams over the three options above. The Ravens are taking on the disaster that is the Jets offense, the Packers are favored at home against the Bears and the Bengals get one of our favorite targets in the Browns.

  1. For the scoring system used, see the Week 1 article.  (back)

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