The RotoViz Scouting Index: 2017 Version 1

The 2017 NFL draft season is here! We’ve already started on prospect evaluations, and today we’ll unveil this year’s first iteration of the RotoViz Scouting Index.

Most draft coverage comes from the “film study” school of player evaluation. Those evaluations are meaningful — NFL teams certainly rely on film evaluation when building their draft boards, and these evaluations strongly influence the fantasy football market as well. In other words, film-based player evaluations affect not only the real NFL draft, but fantasy football drafts and trade value as well.

As you probably know, RotoViz is an entirely stats-and-metrics based operation. We’re not about to start grinding film, it’s just not our wheelhouse. But we will pay attention to that player evaluation marketplace. To that end, the RotoViz Scouting Index (RSI) aggregates player rankings for you.

The 2017 version will be much like the 2016 version, except for switching up some of the source sites. Here’s how it works, in brief.

  • Film-based player rankings will be taken from seven sites and aggregated. Those sites are: CBS/NFLDraftScout, Draft Countdown, Draft Geek, Drafttek, Pigskin Prospects, SI/Chris Burke, USA Today/Luke Easterling. Those sites were chosen for popularity, reputation, and ease of exporting data.
  • We’ll report a player’s average rank, number of times ranked, and a total score.
  • The total score is basically a weighted average. A player will receive (n of players +1 –  player’s rank) points for each site they’re ranked at. Then their score for each site will be added to produce a total score for that player. This rewards players for both higher rankings and being ranked by more sites.
  • The caveat is that I’ll only score and report on players ranked at four or more sites. That should cut down on the number of fringe players that will likely not be drafted or relevant for fantasy. This early in the season, there aren’t many players ranked at four or more sites, but that will change as the offseason progresses.
  • We’ll update the RSI on a routine basis and provide commentary about players who are “rising up the board” or whose “stock is taking a big hit.” We’ll also use the RSI as a comparison point for our own stat-based player valuations. That will help you find potential pitfalls and values. This initial version will be just the rankings, but look forward to more analysis going forward.

The RotoViz Scouting Index, 2017 v.1


Deshaun Watson 1.3 35 6
DeShone Kizer 2.7 27 6
Mitch Trubisky 2.2 26 5
Brad Kaaya 3.7 21 6
Patrick Mahomes 5.0 11 5
Davis Webb 5.0 10 6
Chad Kelly 5.0 7 5

 Running Back

Leonard Fournette 1.5 26 6
Dalvin Cook 1.7 25 6
Christian McCaffrey 2.8 18 6
Samaje Perine 4.2 10 6
Kareem Hunt 4.2 7 6

Wide Receiver

Mike Williams 1.2 41 6
Corey Davis 2.7 33 7
John Ross 2.7 32 6
JuJu Smith-Schuster 3.7 26 6
Dede Westbrook 5.3 15 7
Cooper Kupp 5.4 14 7
Isaiah Ford 5.8 13 6

Tight End

O.J. Howard 1.0 34 6
Jake Butt 2.7 24 6
Bucky Hodges 2.7 23 6
Evan Engram 3.3 22 7
Jordan Leggett 4.4 14 7
Jeremy Sprinkle 5.3 7 6

Charles Kleinheksel

Editor and contributor since 2013. Director of Special Projects August 2017. Occasionally found at numberFire, Rotoballer, and FantasyPros.

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