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Diary of High Stakes Sophomores: Familiar Territory

Pete Overzet and Pat Kerrane are sharing their experiences playing high stakes fantasy football in the FFPC Main Event with a weekly article. In this edition, there’s a lot less photoshop because Pete is on vacation.

This time last year Pete and I were two brash young high stakes noobs, who had just notched our second win in seven outings. This year, Pete and I are sage and experienced. Mature, levelheaded and also TWO AND FIVE BABY!!!! TWO GAME WINNING STREAK OHHHHHHH YEEAAAAAA!!!

This time last year we were griping about our RBs quitting football because they didn’t want to play for us anymore:

Arian Foster, our sixth-round pick and first RB selection, retired on Monday evening. Our FFPC team is so bad that our players don’t even want to suit up for us anymore. – Pete

Our FFPC team is so bad that we highlighted four picks we’d like to do over last week and didn’t mention our RB who literally just retired. – Pat

But that was the negative attitude of high stakes virgins. This year we know that you have to celebrate your victories, since there may be few of them than you expect. So this year we’re celebrating our victories like classy veterans: through caps lock and intentional misspellings in gchat.

Fantasyland Week 7

Last year I didn’t start start talking Pete’s ear off about convoluted playoff scenarios until after Week 9. But look, I’m doing it already!

Fantasyland Week 7-2

Last year we were complaining about our second round pick, Amari Cooper dropping TD passes and generally ruining our lives:

Amari Cooper has zero actual receptions in the red zone and like 70 near receptions in the red zone. Don’t @ me stat corrections, it’s my truth and no one can take that away from me. -Pete

Michael Crabtree is the Demogorgon. – Pat

But this year Cooper is coming off of a massive 44 point fantasy outing. He’s a total stud and was a steal in the 2nd round! Everyone thinks so!

With the benefit of a year and experience, Pete and I are able to take the mild improvement of our circumstances in stride, and not dwell on the negative aspects of our 2-5 team. Instead, we’re soberly looking ahead, continuing to grind the waiver wire and taking this thing one week at a time… …. …. Ok, who am I kidding? TWO GAME WINNING STREAK!!! WE’RE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS BABAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY YEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

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