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Need Help in the Championship Round? Add a Williams: Using Expected Points to Inform Your Waiver Strategy

If you’ve made it to the fantasy championship round in your league, you likely have a strong team. Waivers and free agent pickups might not be your top priority. But workloads are always changing. Players you wouldn’t have rostered weeks ago are now attractive.

Expected points (EP) give us some insight into the fantasy value of a player’s workload. Below I’ll look at some of the players you might want to consider picking up and starting in your title game. A table with full EP data follows my comments.

RB Targets

Elijah McGuire

The Jets placed Isaiah Crowell on IR before last week’s game. This left Elijah McGuire and Trenton Cannon to split work. McGuire ended up getting the most opportunity, ranking inside the top 20 in total EP on the week. Look for this workload split to continue against a reeling Green Bay team. McGuire is available in 64 percent of ESPN leagues. He could provide a nice boost for teams in search of fantasy titles.

Damien Williams

Damien Williams is still rostered in only 61 percent of ESPN leagues. Unless you’re starting Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott, and Saquon Barkley in your league’s title game, Williams could probably help you.1 Williams has been averaging almost 20 PPR points per game since the Chiefs cut Kareem Hunt.

damien splits

He held a big workload advantage over Darrel Williams in Week 14, with 19.5 total EP to Darrel’s 4.2. Only eight RBs had more opportunity, and none were as efficient as Damien Williams.

rb ep leaders 15

Jamaal Williams

The Packers placed Aaron Jones on IR with a sprained MCL. After Jones left last week’s game, Jamaal Williams gained a season-high 97 yards from scrimmage and added a touchdown. Williams’ 12.8 total EP in that game are middling, but he’s flashed explosiveness in the past. As the lead back down the stretch in 2017, Williams turned in four games with over 100 scrimmage yards, and two games with multiple TDs. Jones has a top-eight historical projection according to GLSP this week, but now Williams gets all that work to himself:

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 4.21.34 PM

Yes, Jones is probably better than Williams. But it’s worth remembering that they were actually similar prospects.

jones v williams

Williams is currently rostered in only 12 percent of ESPN leagues, but he has a clear path to an RB1 week.

WR Targets

The Los Angeles Williamses

Both Tyrell Williams and Mike Williams ranked inside the top 12 in total EP last week following Keenan Allen’s injury. They are available in 69 and 71 percent of ESPN leagues respectively. Although Mike led the way in PPR scoring, it was actually Tyrell who saw more targets and more expected points.

LA Williams

After the game Mike Williams had, it would be surprising if the coaching staff did not try to get him more involved. The matchup against Baltimore is difficult, and Allen is expected to play. But Allen’s presence on the field could open things up for Mike Williams to continue his TD spree.

The Los Angeles Not-Robert-Woods-or-Brandin-Cookses

Slotting in right behind Mike Williams in Week 15 total EP is another WR from Los Angeles, and it’s probably not who you’d expect. Josh Reynolds led all Rams WRs in targets and total EP.

LAR wrs

Reynold’s 12 targets were tied for second, behind only Davante Adams’ 13. He’s still available in 60 percent of leagues, and WR-needy title-contending teams could do worse.

The Denver Not-Courtland-Suttons

After Emmanual Sanders’ devastating Achilles injury, most expected Courtland Sutton to step into Denver’s WR1 role. It hasn’t quite worked out that way. In each of the last two games, the team leader in receiving yards has been Tim Patrick. Patrick himself is available in 96 percent of ESPN leagues. But it was DaeSean Hamilton who led the Broncos in targets and expected points last week. Hamilton is available in 76 percent of leagues and had a workload worth 18.9 PPR points in Week 14. Hamilton has been slightly below average in efficiency on the season. If variance goes his way in Week 16, he could literally be a league winner.

The Cleveland “You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me”s

Baker Mayfield has been the best of the first-round rookie QBs this year. But the most impressive part of his play is going unreported.

perriman AYA

I’m not the only one who’s noticed Breshad Perriman’s (relative) explosion. His ownership percentage in ESPN leagues has increased by a factor of infinity in the last week, from 0 percent to 0.1 percent.

He’s not the only Browns WR to have benefited from Mayfield’s improved play. Antonio Callaway is mostly remembered for being very bad in the beginning of the season. But since Freddie Kitchens took over playcalling, Callaway has elevated his catches, yards, and touchdowns, even though his targets have decreased.

callaway splits

Callaway’s 12.2 total EP were just a hair behind Jarvis Landry’s 12.8, but unlike Landry, Callaway outperformed his opportunity. He’s still unowned in 91 percent of leagues.

If you’re going for a title in an especially deep league, maybe one of these Browns WRs can help.

Total Expected Points

PLAYER2018 totEP2018 totFPOE2018 EP/G2018 FPOE/GWk 15 totEPWk 15 totFPOE
Todd Gurley301.866.321.64.731.92.5
Ezekiel Elliott294.
Saquon Barkley293.347.621.03.421.2-11.6
Alvin Kamara280.839.720.12.819.73.6
Christian McCaffrey280.266.520.04.822.6-2.6
Julio Jones249.838.417.82.713.66.6
Davante Adams248.355.217.73.922.5-2.6
Antonio Brown24633.217.62.410.84.1
Adam Thielen240.34717.
David Johnson235.5-10.316.8-0.718.70.4
James Conner234.732.919.62.700
Juju Smith-Schuster233.322.116.71.615.5-7.5
DeAndre Hopkins230.
James White226.619.716.21.410.8-2.1
Stefon Diggs224.711.917.30.912.53.3
Travis Kelce2215415.83.914.6-1.5
Tyreek Hill220.465.915.74.715.1-7
Michael Thomas217.166.615.54.813.7-1.8
Jarvis Landry214.2-30.115.3-2.212.8-6.1
Zach Ertz212.228.615.22.08.9-3.7
Keenan Allen211.727.216.32.100
Joe Mixon209.91217.51.028.1-1.1
Robert Woods207.72514.81.814.12.2
Odell Beckham Jr.204.815.317.11.300
Mike Evans189.547.313.53.413.82.3
Ty Hilton177.432.714.82.713.20.3
Kareem Hunt177.452.816.14.800
George Kittle174.338.112.52.711.9-3.8
Brandin Cooks173.437.413.32.911.10.8
Tyler Boyd173.447.712.
Eric Ebron170.731.712.22.36.3-4.5
Kenny Golladay17025.312.11.812.19.5
Dion Lewis170-18.112.1-1.37.5-0.1
Phillip Lindsay169.845.312.13.216.2-7.8
Tarik Cohen168.952.612.13.812.93.3
Golden Tate168.80.913.
Melvin Gordon167.979.616.88.000
T.J. Yeldon167.26.911.90.55-2.9
Corey Davis166.9-0.711.9-0.19.1-2.8
Emmanuel Sanders163.429.513.62.500
Julian Edelman163.
Peyton Barber160.6-24.711.5-1.815.11.8
Chris Carson160.51.413.40.127.7-0.9
Adrian Peterson159.
Jordan Howard159-16.411.4-
Larry Fitzgerald157.4-3.911.2-0.312.52.7
Amari Cooper157.34812.13.712.1-3.8
Jared Cook154.928.911.12.17.7-3.4
Lamar Miller154.76.311.90.51.8-1
Kenyan Drake154.518.611.
Sterling Shepard152.3-0.410.90.013.6-7.9
John Brown151.1-13.410.8-1.05-3.1
Dede Westbrook1511010.80.77.5-0.4
Michael Crabtree149.8-24.610.7-1.81.3-1.3
Nyheim Hines149.1-8.410.7-0.611.4-1
Tevin Coleman148.727.410.62.07.413.1
Taylor Gabriel146.4-9.210.5-
Adam Humphries144.514.710.31.19.7-3.4
Willie Snead141.6-10.710.9-
Derrick Henry138.736.39.92.629.20.8
Nelson Agholor137.6-15.79.8-1.12.8-1
Allen Robinson137.52.411.50.211.2-2.8
Calvin Ridley137.539.19.82.810.9-1.7
Demaryius Thomas137.412.69.80.912.8-0.9
Alshon Jeffery137.419.512.51.812.711.3
Chris Godwin136.612.
Zay Jones135.5-11.39.7-0.88.2-6.1
LeSean McCoy135.3-25.411.3-2.100
Jimmy Graham133.8-14.79.6-1.19.5-3.3
Sony Michel133.4-14.912.1-1.46.3-0.4
Austin Hooper132.910.89.50.83-3
Donte Moncrief131.3-10.59.4-0.83.3-3.3
Jalen Richard130.311.49.30.810.71.9
Nick Chubb129.8479.33.411.7-1.7
A.J. Green129.521.914.42.400
Marlon Mack129.217.312.91.7225.9
Jordan Reed126.8-4.69.8-0.400
Carlos Hyde126.3-34.510.5-2.900
Matt Breida12632.89.72.515.4-0.8
Antonio Callaway125.1-10.78.9-0.812.22.3
Austin Ekeler124.934.19.62.600
Mohamed Sanu124168.91.110.1-3
Aaron Jones122.650.910.24.21.8-1
David Njoku120.5-2.19.3-0.27.7-1.7
Cole Beasley120-1.28.6-0.111.7-3.5
Kerryon Johnson119.721.712.02.200
D.J. Moore119.324.
Theo Riddick119.2-9.69.9-0.88.5-0.9
Doug Martin119.2-238.5-1.66.4-2.5
Mark Ingram117.97.811.
Devin Funchess117.
Kyle Rudolph117.4-5.18.4-
Courtland Sutton116.9-2.68.4-0.290.2
DeSean Jackson116.231.310.62.800
Robby Anderson116109.70.816.66
Trey Burton115.815.
Josh Gordon115.523.29.61.93-0.1
Josh Doctson114.1-16.28.8-1.23.3-3.3
Jermaine Kearse113.7-43.19.5-3.68.2-5.3
Dalvin Cook113.418.812.
Mike Davis113.
Tyler Lockett112.
Isaiah Crowell11228.78.62.200
Danny Amendola111.2-2.38.6-0.212.8-6.8
Leonard Fournette108.8-4.515.5-0.611.4-2
Quincy Enunwa108.2-19.39.8-1.800
Jordy Nelson107.615.
Ricky Seals-Jones106.4-33.47.6-2.414.2-9
Rob Gronkowski10622.
Frank Gore105.8-3.27.6-0.22.3-0.9
Alfred Blue105.4-20.57.5-1.57.2-3.7
Christian Kirk105.318.28.81.500
Marvin Jones104.910.911.71.200
Vance McDonald104.2188.
Alex Collins102.811.810.31.200
Latavius Murray102.
Kelvin Benjamin102-34.97.8-2.73.5-0.8
LeGarrette Blount101.8-19.27.3-1.48.6-7.7
Mike Williams100.459.37.24.22014.5
Tyrell Williams99.731.67.72.420.9-7.8
Duke Johnson99.7127.
Cooper Kupp98.836.312.44.500
Doug Baldwin97.314.28.81.311.212.5
Sammy Watkins96.718.49.71.800
Ito Smith96.
Javorius Allen95.
Chester Rogers95-6.57.3-
Keelan Cole94.4-9.88.6-0.900
Michael Gallup92.1-18.77.1-1.400
Jamaal Williams91.7-11.96.6-0.912.86.9
Kenny Stills90.736.
Giovani Bernard90.
C.J. Uzomah89.9-1.56.4-0.15.7-2
Kendrick Bourne89.2-2.76.4-0.25.8-2.2
Anthony Miller88.918.57.41.500
Marquez Valdes-Scantling87.
Randall Cobb87.8-3.111.0-0.410.9-4.9
John Ross87.1-11.37.9-1.010.3-8.4
Seth Roberts86.
Jeff Heuerman86.2-15.18.6-1.500
Marshawn Lynch85.9-6.914.3-1.200
Chris Thompson85-510.6-0.65.1-2.8
Evan Engram83.
Curtis Samuel8329.
O.J. Howard82.338.28.23.800
Laquon Treadwell81.8-12.35.8-0.91.5-1.5
Chris Ivory81.5-13.56.8-1.100
Alfred Morris81.1-29.58.1-3.000
Cordarrelle Patterson813.
Maurice Harris80.9-21.57.4-2.03.2-0.9
Chris Conley80.
Wendell Smallwood80.318.
Royce Freeman79.
Benjamin Watson78.
Tajae Sharpe77.9-6.76.0-0.52-0.4
Corey Clement77.
Josh Reynolds76.7-4.68.5-0.519.9-7.9
Cameron Brate76.2105.90.82.7-0.8
David Moore7619.
Jarius Wright74.
Ty Montgomery74-4.57.4-0.500
Taywan Taylor73.
Will Fuller7333.310.44.800
Chris Herndon72.918.
Devontae Booker72.
Ryan Grant72.7-1.26.1-
Josh Adams72.1-3.67.2-0.49.8-1
Pierre Garcon72.1-13.59.0-1.700
Chris Hogan71.8225.
Elijah McGuire71.7-13.812.0-2.316.8-0.7
Gerald Everett71.
Mark Andrews71.
Ryan Switzer70.8-7.45.1-0.55.3-2.1
Keke Coutee70.4-7.711.7-1.300
Antonio Gates69.1-0.95.3-
Dante Pettis68.330.
Jacquizz Rodgers67.9-3.16.2-0.31.6-0.5
DeVante Parker67.6-10.37.5-1.12.5-2.5
Bruce Ellington67.6-89.7-1.100
Tre'Quan Smith67.
Greg Olsen66.413.77.41.500
Bilal Powell65.2-2.99.3-0.400
Spencer Ware65.
Rashard Higgins64.
Jesse James62.921.
Zach Pascal62.5-3.86.3-0.43.3-1.1
Nick Vannett62.1-14.8-0.11.5-1.5
Nick Boyle62.1-21.35.6-1.900
Ryan Griffin60.5-11.35.5-1.01.4-0.5
Phillip Dorsett60.
Allen Hurns59.3-3.74.9-0.32.7-0.8
Jack Doyle59.
Dallas Goedert5919.
Jamison Crowder58.
Marquise Goodwin57.424.
Kyle Juszczyk57114.
Jordan Wilkins56.
Rashaad Penny56.513.35.11.200
Paul Richardson56.
Jonnu Smith567.85.10.700
Gus Edwards55.912.
Charles Clay55.7-16.35.1-1.51.4-1.4
Albert Wilson55.435.37.95.000
James Washington54.2-19.95.4-
Tyler Higbee54.
Chase Edmonds54.
Ian Thomas53.8-4.46.7-0.64.1-0.7
James O'Shaughnessy53.3-13.44.4-
Geoff Swaim53.
Rhett Ellison53.
Marcus Murphy53.1-14.55.9-1.65.9-2.4
Jakeem Grant52.
Wayne Gallman52.8-17.54.8-1.600
Trent Taylor51.7-6.24.7-0.62.8-1
Vernon Davis51.422.34.01.730.6
Damien Williams49.611.16.21.419.510.8
Robert Foster49.625.
Aldrick Robinson49.520.
Jaylen Samuels49.413.57.11.913.16.1
Demarcus Robinson49.4-
Terrelle Pryor49.
Chad Williams49-20.76.1-2.600
Geronimo Allison48.713.69.72.700
Equanimeous St. Brown48.4-8.54.8-0.94.5-2.8
D.J. Chark47.6-16.25.3-1.800
Mike Gesicki46.9-93.9-0.84.5-0.2
Dontrelle Inman46.7-3.67.8-0.61.5-1.5
Tim Patrick46.
Trenton Cannon46.2-15.1-0.17.8-1.1
Martavis Bryant45.
Jordan Thomas45.518.
DaeSean Hamilton45.4-59.1-1.018.9-7.3
Kapri Bibbs45.
Jeff Wilson44.3-2.611.1-0.74.60
Matt LaCosse43.
Torrey Smith43.
Deonte Thompson43-123.9-1.13.2-3.2
Jordan Matthews4216.74.21.700
Marcell Ateman41-6.38.2-1.35.9-1.9
Demetrius Harris40.
James Develin40.
Virgil Green402.
Jay Ajayi39.449.91.000
Andre Holmes39.3-7.23.6-
Ted Ginn39.
Justin Hardy39.
Isaiah McKenzie3913.77.82.710.80.9
Blake Jarwin39-33.9-0.310.6-2.1
Michael Roberts39-25.6-0.300
Rex Burkhead37.1-7.56.2-1.361.3
Cody Core37-7.64.6-1.06.6-4.6
Chris Moore373.
Lance Kendricks36.
Jordan Leggett36.5-8.73.3-
Jason Croom36.
Alex Erickson36.2-15.14.0-1.77.1-1.8
Brandon Marshall35.8-5.26.0-0.900
Justin Jackson35.712.
Bennie Fowler35.7-2.54.5-0.37.8-1.5
Travis Benjamin35.
Josh Bellamy33.8-4.93.1-
Austin Seferian-Jenkins33.4-7.46.7-1.500
Josh Hill33.
Darren Sproles32.
Malcolm Brown325.43.20.500
J.J. Nelson31.4-183.5-2.000
Jaron Brown30.926.13.93.300
Jordan Akins30.
Tyler Eifert30.
Russell Shepard29.8114.31.65.8-1
Dan Arnold29.
Damion Ratley29.3-1.95.9-0.400
Marvin Hall29.
Maxx Williams29.
Trent Sherfield290.
Levine Toilolo28.
Luke Stocker28.
Brandon LaFell289.57.02.400
Luke Willson27.5-5.82.8-0.600
Breshad Perriman27.411.
Derek Carrier27-7.34.5-1.200
Rod Smith26.8-5.32.4-0.51.6-0.2
Kenneth Dixon26.7106.72.57.3-1.3
Zach Zenner26.
Keith Kirkwood25.914.
Dalton Schultz25.8-4.94.3-0.86.5-1.2
Michael Floyd25.8-113.2-1.44.1-0.5
Lee Smith25.
Will Dissly25.510.16.42.500
Ronald Jones25.3-4.64.2-0.82.6-1.7
Raheem Mostert25.315.34.22.600
T.J. Jones24.8-42.5-0.44.1-2.6
Hayden Hurst24.
Mo Alie-Cox245.
Zach Line24-3.42.7-0.40.8-0.2
Devonta Freeman24-9.912.0-5.000
C.J. Ham23.8-3.62.6-0.400
Corey Grant23.7-44.7-0.800
Austin Carr23.
Andre Roberts23.2-3.13.9-
Logan Thomas23.1-3.43.3-0.500
DeAndre Carter231.
Tavon Austin21.416.13.62.700
Eric Tomlinson21.4-6.22.7-
Scott Simonson20.6-114.1-2.200
Justin Hunter20.6-15.55.2-3.900
Niles Paul20.4-0.94.1-0.200
Stevan Ridley20.3-1.92.5-
Ed Dickson19.
Kalen Ballage18.
Erik Swoope18.815.92.72.300
Jermaine Gresham18.5-
Seth DeValve18.1-0.84.5-0.200
Mark Walton18.1-5.63.0-0.900
Josh Perkins18.1-6.46.0-2.100
Jake Butt18-1.56.0-0.500
Taquan Mizzell17.
C.J. Anderson17.
DeAndre Washington17.6-7.52.9-1.30.5-0.4
Nick O'Leary17.
Cameron Batson16.7-0.52.8-0.100
Cameron Meredith16.310.15.43.400
Trey Quinn16.
Brice Butler15.
Eric Saubert15.8-63.2-1.200
Tommy Bohanon15.4-72.6-1.200
Auden Tate15.3-10.35.1-3.400
Matt Lengel15.2-4.52.5-0.83.8-3.8
Logan Paulsen14.
Garrett Celek14.411.
Alex Armah14.4-12.1-0.100
Neal Sterling14.3-3.63.6-0.900
Keith Smith14-7.83.5-2.01.4-1.4
Darren Fells1414.62.32.400
Elijhaa Penny13.8-1.42.0-0.20.4-0.2
Andy Jones13.6-1.84.5-
Cody Latimer13.
Jeremy Sprinkle13.1-2.23.3-0.664.9
Brian Parker13-7.72.6-
David Grinnage12.9-0.84.3-0.300
Rico Gathers12.9-5.42.2-0.900
Marcus Johnson12.
Dontrell Hilliard12.
Blake Bell12.
Anthony Sherman12.
Rishard Matthews12.4-52.5-
Deontay Burnett12.4-0.44.1-0.100
Roc Thomas12.4-5.32.5-1.100
Corey Coleman12.
Jawill Davis12.1-4.14.0-
Richie James12.
Dwayne Harris12.1-0.91.7-0.100
Delanie Walker11.8-2.611.8-2.600
T.J. Logan11.8-0.93.0-0.26.9-1.4
Chris Manhertz11.
Kenjon Barner11.7-4.62.3-0.900
Tyler Kroft11.5-3.92.3-0.800
Tyler Conklin11.
MyCole Pruitt10.9-1.22.2-0.24.4-3.2
Andy Janovich10.
Darius Jennings10.7-
Antony Auclair10.
Kamar Aiken10.
Shaun Wilson10.2-3.82.0-0.800
Russell Gage9.9-13.3-0.36.5-1.2
Brandon Powell9.7-3.64.9-1.85.1-0.6
Xavier Grimble9.
David Morgan9.6-11.9-0.200
Mike Boone9.5-2.71.6-0.500
Detrez Newsome9.4-0.63.1-
De'Anthony Thomas9.
Noah Brown8.8-1.32.9-0.43-0.6
A.J. Derby8.
Mike Gillislee8.7-2.52.2-0.600
Byron Marshall8.5-0.62.8-
Rashad Greene8.1-0.32.0-0.100
Ray-Ray McCloud7.9-0.41.3-
Keith Ford7.8-1.57.8-1.57.8-1.5
Tyler Ervin7.8-1.32.0-0.300
Ben Braunecker7.8-3.42.0-0.900
Adam Shaheen7.
Kevin White7.
Samaje Perine7.7-1.72.6-0.600
Orson Charles7.7-2.41.5-0.500
Jake Kumerow7.6-43.8-2.04.4-2.9
Durham Smythe7.6-2.91.9-0.700
Derrick Willies7.
Dwayne Washington7.4-2.82.5-0.900
Vyncint Smith7.4-3.63.7-1.800
Jacob Hollister7.
Alan Cross7.2-4.31.8-1.100
Jamaal Charles6.9-3.53.5-1.800
Eli Rogers6.3-0.36.3-0.36.3-0.3
Dion Sims6.3-3.43.2-1.700
Patrick DiMarco6.
Nick Williams6.2-2.52.1-0.800
Leonte Carroo6.
Josh Malone6.1-3.93.1-2.000
Darrel Williams673.03.54.27
Jeremy Kerley6-3.36.0-3.300
Jamize Olawale5.9-2.62.0-0.93-3
Chad Beebe5.
Victor Bolden5.5-3.55.5-3.500
Marcedes Lewis5.
Ricky Ortiz5.4-2.72.7-1.400
Roosevelt Nix5.
Mike Wallace5.2-5.25.2-5.200
Ameer Abdullah5.
Brian Quick5.1-0.32.6-0.200
Tre Madden50.81.00.200
Dwayne Allen50.71.70.200
Derrick Coleman4.9-0.91.0-0.200
Charone Peake4.7-0.21.6-0.100
Hakeem Valles4.7-1.62.4-0.800
Robert Turbin4.6-2.32.3-1.200
Jordan Franks4.
Malik Turner4.5-0.52.3-0.300
Terrance Williams4.5-0.72.3-0.400
Robert Tonyan Jr.
Shelton Gibson4.
Cole Wick4.4-4.44.4-4.400
Jalen Tolliver4.
Brandon Bolden4.
C.J. Prosise3.912.00.500
Darrius Heyward-Bey3.7-2.51.2-0.800
Tommylee Lewis3.
Khadarel Hodge3.
Sammie Coates3.6-1.41.8-0.700
Benny Cunningham3.6-10.9-0.3-0.20.1
De'Lance Turner3.
Jonathan Williams3.3-2.21.1-0.700
Freddie Martino3.3-3.33.3-3.300
Jeremy Hill3.
Keon Hatcher3.2-1.43.2-1.400
Marcus Kemp3.1-1.41.6-0.700
Brandon Wilds3.1-1.61.0-0.500
Damiere Byrd3-1.21.5-0.600
Justin Watson3-1.51.5-0.800
J.D. McKissic2.9-2.71.5-1.40.9-0.7
Jonathan Stewart2.8-1.10.9-0.400
David Williams2.
Derek Watt2.7-1.20.9-0.400
Taiwan Jones2.7-2.71.4-1.400
Ross Dwelley2.5-0.72.5-0.700
Darren Waller2.
Tyrone Swoopes2.
Jehu Chesson2.1-2.51.1-1.300
Matt Flanagan2-22.0-2.02-2
Brian Hill1.9-0.71.0-0.41.3-0.6
J'Mon Moore1.
David Fluellen1.8-0.20.9-0.100
Mike Burton1.8-0.21.8-0.200
Sean Culkin1.
Stacy Coley1.7-1.71.7-1.700
Brandon Zylstra1.
Cam Phillips1.
Khari Lee1.6-0.11.6-0.100
Rob Kelley1.6-0.80.8-0.400
Jeremy McNichols1.6-1.21.6-1.200
Darrell Daniels1.6-1.61.6-1.600
Gehrig Dieter1.6-1.61.6-1.600
Johnny Holton1.6-1.61.6-1.600
Ryan Hewitt1.6-1.61.6-1.600
Riley McCarron1.6-1.61.6-1.600
Tim White1.411.41.000
Geremy Davis1.4-1.41.4-1.400
Isaiah Ford1.4-1.41.4-1.400
Pharoh Cooper1.4-1.41.4-1.400
Bobo Wilson1.
Javon Wims1.2-1.21.2-1.200
John Kelly1-0.61.0-0.61-0.6
Christine Michael1-0.11.0-0.100
Cameron Artis-Payne0.9-0.30.5-0.200
Justin Davis0.
Rod Streater0.5-1.60.5-1.600
J.J. Jones0.1-0.10.1-0.100

  1. If you are starting all three and you’re not in the title game, something has gone very wrong for your team.  (back)

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