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Best Ball Round Table, Part 2: Our Favorite Hacks from the Roster Construction Explorer

I recently asked the gang to get together for a round table discussion looking at all of the biggest questions in best ball. I wanted to dive into the actionable intel found in the FFPC, Fanball, and DRAFT dashboards, as well as the Roster Construction Explorers for each format.

Joining me today are some of the more decorated best ball players in the industry. Monty Phan and John Lapinski are veterans of the FFPC wars with 2018 Bare Knuckles and Terminator titles as two of their most recent trophies. They’re joined by Mike Beers, the best ball guru himself and 2017 Pros Vs Joes overall champion, and Curtis Patrick.1 Michael Dubner is our resident DRAFT ace, while I’ve spilled some ink this summer with 14 lessons in the BestBall10s workshop

To make the conversation easier to follow, I’ve divided the round table by topic and credited each author with a byline. In the first installment, we looked at our must-own players and discuss the difficulties of TE selection in 2019. In Part 2, we dive into the surprising trends our authors have discovered from playing with the Roster Construction Explorer. – Shawn Siegele

Most Surprising Takeaway from the Roster Construction Explorer

* Check out Michael Dubner’s look at the QB Window in DRAFT leagues.

FFPC – RB4 Before Round 7

The Small Advantages Add Up

Let’s stop for a moment and follow-up on Lapinski’s assertion about what happens when we combine our intel from the individual positions.

There was some good-natured joking about the small sample size here, but John’s answer is that these specific settings were arrived at by looking at what works at the different positions individually. If we found hacks at the individual positions, it might still be possible that they did not combine to create uber-rosters. Essentially, the value of each individual hack could cancel out. Instead, this was not the case.

This was the same thing that I discovered for BestBall10s. In fact, it’s possible to use the small advantages from the onesie positions alone to win your league.

The Value of that Third Kicker in FFPC

What about Curtis’ biggest takeaway? What is the impact of taking a third kicker?

In fact, those four kickers were key to Monty’s 2018 Bare Knuckles victory. While his teammates were busy heckling him for it, Monty made the kicker picks that led to the prestigious FFPC title.

If you’ve been struggling with your best ball results, the Roster Construction Explorers will put you on the fast track to improvement. If you’ve had success in best ball through your player selections but aren’t focusing on the myriad advantages found in roster construction, diving into the RCE insights will turn your drafts into a money machine. Stay tuned for Part 3 where we discuss what to do with bad draft slots and explore when to use Zero RB, including how you can decrease the stress if you get pushed into Zero RB involuntarily.

Image Credit: Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire. Pictured: Joe Mixon.

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