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50 Unique Lineups for the Week 3 Yahoo! $500K Baller Because … the New RotoViz

Back in the glory days of DFS when entries to the Millionaire Maker had no limit and people built lineups by hand, Fantasy Douche put out a series of articles giving away an outrageous number of unique lineup combinations — 2,509, 3,601, 5,860, 7,308 — culminating in 10,000 unique lineups and a plea for a place to sleep.

Gone are the days when you can enter 10,000 lineups in any contest, which is good news for most DFS players — not least because entering that many lineups appears to be a losing proposition. It’s also good news because it prevents you from having to beat only other sharp players to take down a huge prize. Theoretically it should lower the overall skill level of the contest, as it enables more casual players to enter lineups.

But you can still enter 150 lineups in the Yahoo! $500K Baller, a contest with a $50,000 grand prize and only a $10 entry fee. For most people, entering 150 lineups is still probably a losing proposition, but entering 50 lineups is much more manageable (and easy with our Lineup Optimizer.) In fact, here are 50 unique lineups that I made in about 10 minutes with the Optimizer.

Kyler Murray (nfl.p.31833)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Preston Williams (nfl.p.32447)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Larry Fitzgerald (nfl.p.6762)Oakland Raiders (nfl.t.13)
Dak Prescott (nfl.p.29369)Robby Anderson (nfl.p.29785)Kenny Golladay (nfl.p.30209)Randall Cobb (nfl.p.24851)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Tom Brady (nfl.p.5228)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)Todd Gurley II (nfl.p.28398)Zach Ertz (nfl.p.26658)Preston Williams (nfl.p.32447)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Calvin Ridley (nfl.p.30996)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Larry Fitzgerald (nfl.p.6762)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Patrick Mahomes (nfl.p.30123)Demarcus Robinson (nfl.p.29360)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Kenny Golladay (nfl.p.30209)Dalvin Cook (nfl.p.30154)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Dak Prescott (nfl.p.29369)Mike Evans (nfl.p.27535)Randall Cobb (nfl.p.24851)Jarvis Landry (nfl.p.27591)Dalvin Cook (nfl.p.30154)Todd Gurley II (nfl.p.28398)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Larry Fitzgerald (nfl.p.6762)DeAndre Hopkins (nfl.p.26650)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Ezekiel Elliott (nfl.p.29238)Evan Engram (nfl.p.30136)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)San Francisco 49ers (nfl.t.25)
Matt Ryan (nfl.p.8780)Calvin Ridley (nfl.p.30996)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Alvin Kamara (nfl.p.30180)Todd Gurley II (nfl.p.28398)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Houston Texans (nfl.t.34)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Aaron Jones (nfl.p.30295)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)Zach Ertz (nfl.p.26658)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Saquon Barkley (nfl.p.30972)Evan Engram (nfl.p.30136)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)Indianapolis Colts (nfl.t.11)
Tom Brady (nfl.p.5228)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Larry Fitzgerald (nfl.p.6762)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Robert Woods (nfl.p.26664)Oakland Raiders (nfl.t.13)
Lamar Jackson (nfl.p.31002)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Larry Fitzgerald (nfl.p.6762)Marlon Mack (nfl.p.30256)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Robert Woods (nfl.p.26664)New York Giants (nfl.t.19)
Dak Prescott (nfl.p.29369)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Randall Cobb (nfl.p.24851)Robert Woods (nfl.p.26664)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)Evan Engram (nfl.p.30136)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)Indianapolis Colts (nfl.t.11)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Preston Williams (nfl.p.32447)Marlon Mack (nfl.p.30256)Saquon Barkley (nfl.p.30972)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)New England Patriots (nfl.t.17)
Patrick Mahomes (nfl.p.30123)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Larry Fitzgerald (nfl.p.6762)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Ezekiel Elliott (nfl.p.29238)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Tom Brady (nfl.p.5228)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Mecole Hardman (nfl.p.31888)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Marlon Mack (nfl.p.30256)Alvin Kamara (nfl.p.30180)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Preston Williams (nfl.p.32447)San Francisco 49ers (nfl.t.25)
Tom Brady (nfl.p.5228)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Preston Williams (nfl.p.32447)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Lamar Jackson (nfl.p.31002)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Chris Godwin (nfl.p.30197)Aaron Jones (nfl.p.30295)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Zach Ertz (nfl.p.26658)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Houston Texans (nfl.t.34)
Tom Brady (nfl.p.5228)Calvin Ridley (nfl.p.30996)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Marlon Mack (nfl.p.30256)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Zach Ertz (nfl.p.26658)Robert Woods (nfl.p.26664)San Francisco 49ers (nfl.t.25)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Marlon Mack (nfl.p.30256)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)Zach Ertz (nfl.p.26658)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)Indianapolis Colts (nfl.t.11)
Russell Wilson (nfl.p.25785)Mecole Hardman (nfl.p.31888)Tyler Lockett (nfl.p.28457)Robert Woods (nfl.p.26664)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)New England Patriots (nfl.t.17)
Patrick Mahomes (nfl.p.30123)Calvin Ridley (nfl.p.30996)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Demarcus Robinson (nfl.p.29360)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)Ezekiel Elliott (nfl.p.29238)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Philadelphia Eagles (nfl.t.21)
Baker Mayfield (nfl.p.30971)Larry Fitzgerald (nfl.p.6762)Jarvis Landry (nfl.p.27591)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)San Francisco 49ers (nfl.t.25)
Russell Wilson (nfl.p.25785)Calvin Ridley (nfl.p.30996)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Aaron Jones (nfl.p.30295)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Tyler Lockett (nfl.p.28457)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Patrick Mahomes (nfl.p.30123)Mecole Hardman (nfl.p.31888)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Ezekiel Elliott (nfl.p.29238)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Lamar Jackson (nfl.p.31002)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Will Fuller V (nfl.p.29255)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Larry Fitzgerald (nfl.p.6762)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Alvin Kamara (nfl.p.30180)Oakland Raiders (nfl.t.13)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Larry Fitzgerald (nfl.p.6762)Aaron Jones (nfl.p.30295)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Chris Godwin (nfl.p.30197)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Baker Mayfield (nfl.p.30971)Tyler Boyd (nfl.p.29288)Calvin Ridley (nfl.p.30996)Jarvis Landry (nfl.p.27591)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)Evan Engram (nfl.p.30136)Ezekiel Elliott (nfl.p.29238)Detroit Lions (nfl.t.8)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Robert Woods (nfl.p.26664)Dalvin Cook (nfl.p.30154)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)New England Patriots (nfl.t.17)
Tom Brady (nfl.p.5228)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Saquon Barkley (nfl.p.30972)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Larry Fitzgerald (nfl.p.6762)Oakland Raiders (nfl.t.13)
Tom Brady (nfl.p.5228)Calvin Ridley (nfl.p.30996)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Chris Godwin (nfl.p.30197)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Ezekiel Elliott (nfl.p.29238)Zach Ertz (nfl.p.26658)Robert Woods (nfl.p.26664)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Robert Woods (nfl.p.26664)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)Detroit Lions (nfl.t.8)
Dak Prescott (nfl.p.29369)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Chris Godwin (nfl.p.30197)Randall Cobb (nfl.p.24851)Saquon Barkley (nfl.p.30972)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Detroit Lions (nfl.t.8)
Patrick Mahomes (nfl.p.30123)Demarcus Robinson (nfl.p.29360)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Mecole Hardman (nfl.p.31888)Marlon Mack (nfl.p.30256)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)Zach Ertz (nfl.p.26658)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Oakland Raiders (nfl.t.13)
Kyler Murray (nfl.p.31833)Calvin Ridley (nfl.p.30996)Larry Fitzgerald (nfl.p.6762)Chris Godwin (nfl.p.30197)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)Zach Ertz (nfl.p.26658)Ezekiel Elliott (nfl.p.29238)New England Patriots (nfl.t.17)
Dak Prescott (nfl.p.29369)Demarcus Robinson (nfl.p.29360)Randall Cobb (nfl.p.24851)Robert Woods (nfl.p.26664)Aaron Jones (nfl.p.30295)Ezekiel Elliott (nfl.p.29238)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)New England Patriots (nfl.t.17)
Russell Wilson (nfl.p.25785)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Mecole Hardman (nfl.p.31888)Tyler Lockett (nfl.p.28457)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)Zach Ertz (nfl.p.26658)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)San Francisco 49ers (nfl.t.25)
Russell Wilson (nfl.p.25785)Chris Godwin (nfl.p.30197)Tyler Lockett (nfl.p.28457)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Alvin Kamara (nfl.p.30180)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Todd Gurley II (nfl.p.28398)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Lamar Jackson (nfl.p.31002)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Mecole Hardman (nfl.p.31888)Will Fuller V (nfl.p.29255)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Alvin Kamara (nfl.p.30180)Detroit Lions (nfl.t.8)
Russell Wilson (nfl.p.25785)Kenny Golladay (nfl.p.30209)Tyler Lockett (nfl.p.28457)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)James White (nfl.p.27658)Alvin Kamara (nfl.p.30180)Evan Engram (nfl.p.30136)Todd Gurley II (nfl.p.28398)Houston Texans (nfl.t.34)
Patrick Mahomes (nfl.p.30123)Calvin Ridley (nfl.p.30996)Mecole Hardman (nfl.p.31888)Larry Fitzgerald (nfl.p.6762)Alvin Kamara (nfl.p.30180)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Todd Gurley II (nfl.p.28398)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Patrick Mahomes (nfl.p.30123)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Alvin Kamara (nfl.p.30180)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Russell Wilson (nfl.p.25785)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Mecole Hardman (nfl.p.31888)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Nyheim Hines (nfl.p.31074)Ezekiel Elliott (nfl.p.29238)Evan Engram (nfl.p.30136)Tyler Lockett (nfl.p.28457)Minnesota Vikings (nfl.t.16)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Antonio Brown (nfl.p.24171)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)Alvin Kamara (nfl.p.30180)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Kenny Golladay (nfl.p.30209)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Austin Ekeler (nfl.p.30423)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)Mark Andrews (nfl.p.31056)Ezekiel Elliott (nfl.p.29238)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Josh Allen (nfl.p.30977)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Marquise Brown (nfl.p.31857)Zay Jones (nfl.p.30150)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Ezekiel Elliott (nfl.p.29238)Zach Ertz (nfl.p.26658)Kenny Golladay (nfl.p.30209)New England Patriots (nfl.t.17)
Tom Brady (nfl.p.5228)Calvin Ridley (nfl.p.30996)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Julian Edelman (nfl.p.9496)Kerryon Johnson (nfl.p.31013)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Preston Williams (nfl.p.32447)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)
Patrick Mahomes (nfl.p.30123)Demarcus Robinson (nfl.p.29360)Preston Williams (nfl.p.32447)Chris Godwin (nfl.p.30197)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)Todd Gurley II (nfl.p.28398)George Kittle (nfl.p.30259)Robert Woods (nfl.p.26664)Oakland Raiders (nfl.t.13)
Baker Mayfield (nfl.p.30971)Courtland Sutton (nfl.p.31010)Sammy Watkins (nfl.p.27532)Jarvis Landry (nfl.p.27591)Christian McCaffrey (nfl.p.30121)Chris Carson (nfl.p.30362)T.J. Hockenson (nfl.p.31840)Emmanuel Sanders (nfl.p.24057)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nfl.t.27)

To do this, I set the Optimizer to require a QB-WR stack, and to avoid playing a defense in the same lineup as any opposing offensive players. I also set it to avoid lineups with a TE in the flex. And I set Randomness to 50%, so the Optimizer wouldn’t just return all the top projected lineups (which are likely to be very similar).

In the player table, I filtered the value column to only show me players who our weekly projections expect to score less than 0.4 fantasy points per dollar. I then clicked “Block All Visible Players” to remove them from the player pool. I did the same with the GLSP projection column so it would keep only players projected to score at least six fantasy points (because I want slightly better value from my min-priced players). Finally, I manually blocked any remaining players dealing with injuries or who I just didn’t want to roster.

Here’s the resulting player breakdown:

Kerryon JohnsonRB52%
Zay JonesFLEX, WR46%
Emmanuel SandersWR, FLEX42%
Tampa Bay BuccaneersDEF40%
Sammy WatkinsWR38%
Marquise BrownWR38%
George KittleTE36%
Christian McCaffreyRB32%
Austin EkelerFLEX, RB30%
Mark AndrewsTE30%
Chris CarsonFLEX, RB28%
Antonio BrownWR26%
Josh AllenQB26%
Larry FitzgeraldWR, FLEX24%
Ezekiel ElliottFLEX, RB22%
Zach ErtzTE20%
Calvin RidleyWR20%
Robert WoodsWR, FLEX20%
Alvin KamaraFLEX, RB18%
Tom BradyQB16%
Patrick MahomesQB16%
Mecole HardmanWR16%
Preston WilliamsFLEX, WR14%
Todd Gurley IIFLEX, RB14%
Chris GodwinFLEX, WR14%
Oakland RaidersDEF12%
Evan EngramTE12%
Marlon MackRB12%
New England PatriotsDEF12%
Russell WilsonQB12%
Tyler LockettFLEX, WR12%
Dak PrescottQB10%
Kenny GolladayFLEX, WR10%
Randall CobbWR10%
Demarcus RobinsonWR10%
San Francisco 49ersDEF10%
Aaron JonesRB10%
Jarvis LandryWR8%
Saquon BarkleyRB8%
Lamar JacksonQB8%
Detroit LionsDEF8%
Dalvin CookRB6%
Houston TexansDEF6%
Indianapolis ColtsDEF6%
Baker MayfieldQB6%
Kyler MurrayQB4%
Will Fuller VWR4%
Robby AndersonWR2%
Mike EvansWR2%
DeAndre HopkinsWR2%
Matt RyanQB2%
New York GiantsDEF2%
Philadelphia EaglesDEF2%
Tyler BoydWR2%
James WhiteRB2%
Nyheim HinesRB2%
Minnesota VikingsDEF2%
Julian EdelmanWR2%
Courtland SuttonWR2%
T.J. HockensonTE2%

Do I recommend playing any or all of these lineups? I don’t know if I’m legally allowed to, but let’s just say I’m not necessarily recommending that you don’t do that. However, you can probably get better lineups by spending more than 10 minutes on this. Read our DFS coverage and make your own player lock and block decisions. For a 10-minute exercise though, I have to say I’m pretty happy with these initial results.

In the words of our intrepid founder, go nuts jackals!1

Image Credit: Steven King/Icon Sportswire. Pictured: Kerryon Johnson.

  1. If you do enter these lineups and it’s your first time using Yahoo!, be sure to use the code “VIZ25” to get $25 free with your first deposit!  (back)

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