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Bracket Busting: In This Episode, Our Team Goes HAM

High-stakes writers Monty Phan and John Lapinski chronicle their entry in the FFPC Super Bracket contest.

Previously, on RotoViz: John Lapinski was paranoid that our Super Bracket opponent, who had yet to swap out three bye-week players from his lineup, would still somehow beat us, while I lamented that my high-stakes teams failed to cash in on the scoring bonanza that resulted in the rare 200-point scoring week for a multitude of teams.

On this week’s episode: We were both wrong.

Actually, I already knew when I wrote that previous post that our Super Bracket team had eclipsed 200 points, but I needed to save that tidbit for this column. At that point, however, I had yet to know that, in addition to starting Week 5’s highest-scoring quarterback (Deshaun Watson, 46 points) and highest-scoring wide receiver (Will Fuller, 53.7 points), we would also have the week’s second-best tight end (George Kittle, who scored 23.8 Monday night). We also had the third-best WR in Amari Cooper, and the fourth-best, D.J. Chark, was on our roster but not in our starting lineup.

As it turned out, our opponent never did replace the three bye-week players in his lineup, and yet he still scored enough points that he would have beaten seven other teams in the league. Man, that would’ve been humiliating. It didn’t go unnoticed, however. One team in our league took exception to our opponent’s apparent inattention and said so in our league chat, just before Sunday’s games started:1

We posted the weekly high score and were one of two teams to top 200 points last week, vaulting us from ninth in total points to third in the league. And we could have topped 250 if we’d started Chark. Then again, we almost didn’t start Cooper, either, but fortunately, John came to his senses, averting disaster — and, to be fair, he was the one to push for starting Fuller, because I missed the memo that it was Will Fuller Smash Week.

Now is the point in the schedule when lineup decisions become easier thanks to bye weeks. Darren Waller and T.Y. Hilton on bye? Plug in Chark. Oh, but wait! We have Kenyan Drake, and lowly Miami plays equally lowly Washington. Will he replace the surging Ronald Jones in our lineup? Or will he instead sub for David Johnson and his ailing back? Tune in next week!

Image Credit: Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire. Pictured: Amari Cooper.

  1. I blacked out the owner’s name.  (back)

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