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High Staked: Last Gasp Efforts

Veteran high stakes fantasy football player Monty Phan chronicles his season.

It’s the last gasps.

With two more weeks left in the regular season, this is the time of the FFPC Main Event schedule when my friends and I would be bouncing group text messages off each other on how best to shore up the high-stakes teams we manage together in anticipation of our looming playoff run. However, that’s not the case this year. We’re on the outside looking in. It sucks.

Every Wednesday, one of us will go through our teams and make suggestions for which guys to grab off waivers, and then the others will weigh in. Yesterday, I texted my three friends for their input. I received nothing back. No one was interested in my thoughts on which streaming defense to pick up, or whether we should go after Kalen Ballage, or if Mike Gesicki is worth bidding on as a replacement for the possibly injured Evan Engram, or if adding Jason Witten would be better than our current backups Gerald Everett or Eric Ebron as the fill-in for Zach Ertz’s bye week. No one cared! Despite eyesight blurred by the tears brought on by my teammates’ apathy, I bravely slogged through our ninth week of waivers, feeling empty and alone.

I get it. We’re barely hanging on in our two Main Event leagues, and our Super Bracket team basically has to score a ton of points to qualify. The elusive luck factor we’ve benefitted from the past few seasons has been absent this year, when those little swings – instead of your tight end getting that last garbage-time catch on Monday night to give you the win, he sits out the last drive with an injured foot – mean the difference between championship round and toilet bowl.

And so, last gasps. We did end up getting Gesicki on one Main Event team but failed to get Witten on the other, because the tight end position – for which FFPC awards 1.5 points per reception – is a complete horror show this season, as evidenced by this tweet:

Indeed, Witten is the overall TE8 in FFPC scoring, even with having had his bye. Will Dissly is just outside the TE1 range at TE13. Gesicki is the overall TE25, but he was the most-added player in Main Event waivers this week, with 120 teams picking him up. Seattle TE Jacob Hollister was the third-most added, with 103 teams hoping his two-touchdown game was more than a fluke. Another “sure, why not?” addition was Raiders rookie receiver Hunter Renfrow, nabbed in 114 leagues.

And what better last gasp than Miami’s Ballage, the last man standing after the trade of Kenyan Drake and the suspension of Mark Walton. With an average winning bid of almost $200 for the 85 teams that “won” him, Ballage, the starting-RB-by-default on the league’s second-worst offense, is the very definition of the phrase.

WeekPlayerPosAddsDropsAvg Winning BidLow Winning BidMedian Winning BidHigh Winning Bid
10Mike GesickiTE120193181328
10Hunter RenfrowWR114261134.5300
10Jacob HollisterTE103156135235
10NYG Team DefenseDF971111665
10Michael BadgleyPK876101543
10Kalen BallageRB8511981157630
10Bilal PowellRB81121111174
10Nick FolesQB78131115270
10Myles GaskinRB70024110155
10KC Team DefenseDF6681214.5102
10BAL Team DefenseDF621781061728
10Ryan TannehillQB62632115.5234
10Kyle AllenQB5782319120
10Chris BoswellPK5691112175
10Wil LutzPK54141131.5190
10J.D. McKissicRB53099180314
10Rhett EllisonTE53020115108
10Matt GayPK491691656
10Adam VinatieriPK47841123
10Ted GinnWR47225113156
10IND Team DefenseDF46148143175
10Zach PascalWR45021738199577
10Deebo SamuelWR42532115195
10Ryan FitzpatrickQB42340121197
10Ty MontgomeryRB381148118310
10Chester RogersWR351639118185
10Dion LewisRB3171915115
10Irv SmithTE311235115385
10Ryan GriffinTE311328113176
10Zane GonzalezPK31991540
10Alex EricksonWR2782518137
10Jalen RichardRB2721811084
10LAC Team DefenseDF27891544
10Russell GageWR27026113119
10Trey EdmundsRB27441136199
10DET Team DefenseDF261491167
10Kyle RudolphTE25535114159
10GB Team DefenseDF2415111942
10James WashingtonWR2431312.580
10TB Team DefenseDF242711.571
10Brian HoyerQB2202011457
10Bisi JohnsonWR2111311157
10Jimmy GaroppoloQB21253157121
10Ryquell ArmsteadRB21345123298
10Tre'Quan SmithWR21134116104
10Josh GordonWR2011794161401
10Josh ReynoldsWR19097261400
10Adam HumphriesWR18630116.5145
10Austin SeibertPK184512.534
10Darius SlaytonWR181737125128
10David NjokuTE187231691
10Malcolm BrownRB181028119.599
10Mason CrosbyPK182631211
10Nelson AgholorWR1810181957
10Giovani BernardRB17101717105
10NO Team DefenseDF17255243153
10PIT Team DefenseDF16652147.5177
10DAL Team DefenseDF1538201299
10Randall CobbWR15526112198
10Taylor GabrielWR1551911681
10Auden TateWR141050112.5323
10Dan BaileyPK143281237
10Albert WilsonWR1312211852
10Allen LazardWR1328201998
10Devin FunchessWR1342411388
10Gus EdwardsRB13530114177
10N'Keal HarryWR13927113106
10Brian HillRB12112715258
10Chase EdmondsRB121820115.567
10Delanie WalkerTE12936123102
10Nyheim HinesRB121131120.5138
10Andy IsabellaWR110161555
10Daniel JonesQB111258116278
10Joey SlyePK111461817
10LA Team DefenseDF1143712495
10Antonio BrownWR1092419.5111
10Brett MaherPK10181811465
10Dare OgunbowaleRB10526111.591
10MIN Team DefenseDF10121817.5111
10Noah FantTE10175686.5121
10Rex BurkheadRB10112112.5101
10Greg ZuerleinPK9147225181
10Keelan ColeWR93153941
10Parris CampbellWR93729116149
10Sam DarnoldQB9351911641
10ARI Team DefenseDF81412.512
10CLE Team DefenseDF8411914.5102
10Jared CookTE82863481.5185
10Ka'imi FairbairnPK85841215
10Mason RudolphQB81451118
10Matt PraterPK816814.525
10NYJ Team DefenseDF84119113.559
10Reggie BonnafonRB8834211106
10Robbie GouldPK8101112.547
10Tyler EifertTE864014294
10Vance McDonaldTE81751961.5211
10Aldrick RosasPK721112
10Chris ThompsonRB7131921138
10Demaryius ThomasWR72934120125
10Derek CarrQB71344112176
10Ito SmithRB7141511136
10JAC Team DefenseDF73061321
10Jack DoyleTE7077878153
10Mitchell TrubiskyQB71681245
10O.J. HowardTE73921785224
10PHI Team DefenseDF75530113135
10Wayne GallmanRB713113623
10CAR Team DefenseDF61115512.538
10Daniel CarlsonPK636411.516
10Darrel WilliamsRB6281015.533
10Foster MoreauTE61112112.528
10Jason MyersPK57281421
10Jay AjayiRB5321111
10John RossWR58111733
10Laquon TreadwellWR506013266
10Philip RiversQB541005067240
10SEA Team DefenseDF5792116
10TEN Team DefenseDF5222116
10Adrian PetersonRB40843586127
10Baker MayfieldQB4982362200
10Damien HarrisRB4171861537
10DeAndre WashingtonRB4151238.528
10Dez BryantWR411221125
10Jacoby BrissettQB4947243.599
10Justin JacksonRB453225
10KeeSean JohnsonWR431651431
10Kenny StillsWR46772776130
10Mecole HardmanWR41525114.570
10Allen HurnsWR302114
10BUF Team DefenseDF342012139
10Brandin CooksWR34792249167
10Cameron BrateTE3731011515
10Corey DavisWR3113055101234
10Danny AmendolaWR389269101106
10Darrell HendersonRB3311877111167
10Darwin ThompsonRB39281181
10Eddy PineiroPK3161612
10Frank GoreRB3663117999
10Jake ElliottPK3423116
10Jordan WilkinsRB3112232933
10Josh HillTE31381321
10Josh LamboPK36861413
10Marquez Valdes-ScantlingWR325121531
10Matt MooreQB31451112
10Matt SchaubQB3041110
10Nick BoyleTE30271377
10OAK Team DefenseDF301112
10Phillip DorsettWR31122151635
10Ryan FinleyQB3061413
10Stephen HauschkaPK31291422
10Tony PollardRB30103652252
10Ty JohnsonRB32218201221231
10WAS Team DefenseDF333116
10Will FullerWR31882238203
10A.J. BrownWR21208144207.5271
10Blake JarwinTE2291917
10Bo ScarbroughRB20423.55
10Dawson KnoxTE221616.512
10Demetrius HarrisTE206369
10Derrius GuiceRB20402139.558
10Dontrell HilliardRB261111
10HOU Team DefenseDF242312345
10JJ Arcega-WhitesideWR2081815
10Jakeem GrantWR202123
10Jared GoffQB2048164880
10Jason WittenTE2011287112.5138
10Jimmy GrahamTE22643164.598
10Jonnu SmithTE2937273747
10Jordan AkinsTE21086810
10Josh OliverTE2922921.534
10Justice HillRB2252123
10Kirk CousinsQB26703170109
10Nick FolkPK220211.52
10Patrick LairdRB201111
10Peyton BarberRB2171111
10Ross DwelleyTE204147
10T.J. HockensonTE21127125127129
10Zay JonesWR29342534.544
10Akeem HuntRB10129129129129
10Ameer AbdullahRB1012121212
10Andy DaltonQB1415151515
10Antonio CallawayWR111111
10Benjamin WatsonTE11712121212
10Benny SnellRB12515151515
10Brandon AllenQB1136363636
10Brandon McManusPK11610101010
10C.J. ProsiseRB1417171717
10CHI Team DefenseDF1317171717
10Carlos HydeRB10492492492492
10Case KeenumQB101111
10Curtis SamuelWR10311311311311
10DEN Team DefenseDF1367777
10Dante PettisWR1145555
10Darren FellsTE14171171171171
10DeVante ParkerWR10206206206206
10Demarcus RobinsonWR1155555
10Eric EbronTE1021212121
10Geronimo AllisonWR1331111
10Jordan ScarlettRB101111
10Josh AdamsRB1018181818
10Larry FitzgeraldWR11465465465465
10Marquise GoodwinWR112150150150150
10Raheem MostertRB12021212121
10Randy BullockPK101111
10Ricky Seals-JonesTE12810101010
10Ronald JonesRB10548548548548
10Sam FickenPK111111
10T.J. YeldonRB131111
10Teddy BridgewaterQB111111
10Trey QuinnWR138888
10Tyler HigbeeTE162222
10Tyler KroftTE151111
10Will DisslyTE1111111111
10Willie SneadWR168888
10Adam ShaheenTE01NANANANA
10Alfred MorrisRB01NANANANA
10Anthony MillerWR044NANANANA
10Bennie FowlerWR01NANANANA
10Brandon BoldenRB014NANANANA
10Byron PringleWR02NANANANA
10C.J. AndersonRB01NANANANA
10Cam NewtonQB079NANANANA
10Charles ClayTE01NANANANA
10Chris ConleyWR038NANANANA
10Christian KirkWR01NANANANA
10Cody LatimerWR01NANANANA
10Cole BeasleyWR02NANANANA
10DaeSean HamiltonWR020NANANANA
10Darren SprolesRB03NANANANA
10David MooreWR01NANANANA
10DeSean JacksonWR0127NANANANA
10Devin SmithWR02NANANANA
10Duke WilliamsWR07NANANANA
10Dwayne WashingtonRB01NANANANA
10Ed DicksonTE016NANANANA
10Gardner MinshewQB0110NANANANA
10Geoff SwaimTE03NANANANA
10Hayden HurstTE09NANANANA
10Ian ThomasTE03NANANANA
10Jake KumerowWR03NANANANA
10Jakobi MeyersWR016NANANANA
10Jameis WinstonQB01NANANANA
10Jaron BrownWR010NANANANA
10Jeff WilsonRB014NANANANA
10Jeremy SprinkleTE02NANANANA
10Joe FlaccoQB01NANANANA
10Jon HillimanRB03NANANANA
10Jordan ReedTE01NANANANA
10Keke CouteeWR030NANANANA
10Kerryon JohnsonRB08NANANANA
10Luke WillsonTE08NANANANA
10MIA Team DefenseDF01NANANANA
10Mark WaltonRB080NANANANA
10Mike DavisRB03NANANANA
10Mike NugentPK01NANANANA
10Miles BoykinWR02NANANANA
10Paul RichardsonWR02NANANANA
10Preston WilliamsWR0145NANANANA
10Rashaad PennyRB02NANANANA
10Rob GronkowskiTE04NANANANA
10Robby AndersonWR01NANANANA
10Robert FosterWR01NANANANA
10Sony MichelRB01NANANANA
10Sterling ShepardWR027NANANANA
10Tanner HudsonTE01NANANANA
10Tarik CohenRB01NANANANA
10Tavon AustinRB05NANANANA
10Terry McLaurinWR01NANANANA
10Tra CarsonRB077NANANANA
10Trevor DavisWR01NANANANA
10Trey BurtonTE028NANANANA
10Vernon DavisTE04NANANANA
10Wendell SmallwoodRB015NANANANA
10Zach ZennerRB03NANANANA
Image Credit: Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire. Pictured: Kalen Ballage.

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