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The Rotoviz Week Four Waiver Wire Update


We’re getting close to the point that FAAB dollars need to be spent, or they will end up being wasted. Heading into the first round of byes, the WW pickings at running back and wide receiver are going to start to thin, while more QB’s and TE’s become available as owners jettison back ups who aren’t looking like they will become starters Having upside on the bench is nice, but owners of guys like Shane Vereen and David Wilson are looking for players that have value right now.

This week looks like a lot of guys that should have been preemptively picked up last week. Players like Jason Snelling, Jordan Todman, Stephen Hill and Brandon Bolden had pretty clear avenues to playing time and I expect that in more competitive leagues, these players were already owned and in some cases, in starting lineups. However, if they are still on your wire, they are priority adds. I’m not including Bilal Powell, Ben Tate, or Bernard Pierce because all of those guys should be 100% owned and if they aren’t, you don’t need me to tell you that you must acquire them.

Player Comments Priority
Snelling, Jason RB ATL Snelling went oddly under-discussed by the fantasy football industry in week 3, but with news that S-Jax is expected to be out until week 7, he’s easily the best waiver claim available. Snelling has always been overly productive in the passing games and with Roddy White ailing, the Falcons are more committed to using Snelling as a rusher. I’d spend up to 35% of my FAAB dollars to acquire him, and possibly more if I was really thin at RB2. 1-High
Hill, Stephen WR NYJ Let me be clear: my crazy man love for Hill aside, he should still be a priority add. He is leading the Jets in targets, Geno Smith is improving week to week, and Santonio Holmes performing well is actually taking pressure off of Hill. It’s very rare that you are able to acquire this sort of physical upside with competent QB play on your wire, but if Hill is still there, you must add him immediately. Hill’s situation is similar to Rotoviz darling Josh Gordon, in that he is going to get a crazy amount of targets from a sketchy QB situation while possessing rare physical upside. Hill isn’t in Gordon’s range yet, but his arrival there would not surprise me. 1-High
Bolden, Brandon RB NE One very important trend emerged from Bolden’s usage on Sunday against the Bucs: he is filling Shane Vereen’s role that used to be filled by Danny Woodhead, who was preceded by Kevin Faulk. This is a productive, entrenched role in the Patriots offense and Bolden is the only one capable of filling it. He ran 21 pass routes (4th on the team) and carried the ball 3 times. If Ridley seemingly remains in the doghouse, Bolden could end being a season-changing asset with his abilities as a runner and pass catcher. 1-High
Broyles, Ryan WR DET Nate Burleson broke his arm driving home early Tuesday morning, apparently trying to save a pizza from slipping off the seat. We’ve all been there. Burleson’s loss is seemingly Ryan Broyles’ be recovered from his 2nd torn ACL in 2 seasons at this very moment and they probably intend to use him. Burleson was receiving heavy work (23 targets through 3 games) and even an 80% Broyles is probably better than Nate at this state in their careers. I am a bit skeptical about Broyles having the same athleticism he did at Oklahoma and I certainly wouldn’t recommend spending any more than 10-15% of your FAAB on him. 1-High
McGahee, Willis RB CLE I say that McGahee is a ‘high-ish’ priority add for several reasons. First, he is reaaaalll old and coming off a knee injury. Even if the Browns intend for him to be the bell cow, he might not be up to it. Second, the Browns are clearly going to be airing the ball out with the return of Josh Gordon. McGahee is the type of player you acquire hoping to trade him. He will likely return RB3/Flex value and while that isn’t crazily desirable, you can do worse. 1.5-High-ish
Franklin, Johnathan RB GB It’s always sort of odd when someone who has been buried all offseason and who I don’t like as a prospect unexpectedly has a good game. Franklin clearly ran well against the Bengals but I’m not sure about his fantasy prospects going forward. James Starks left with a knee injury and Eddie Lacy missed the game with a concussion and the Packers have a bye in Week Four. I think the most likely scenario is a pretty gross one for fantasy owners, where the Packers go back to a RBBC and much of Lacy’s original value as a workhouse is diminished by Starks and Franklin’s performance (provded Franklin isn’t David Wilson’ed to the bench for the game-altering fumble) 2-Medium
Holmes, Santonio, WR NYJ If I love Hill, I probably need to admit that Holmes has some value as well. Some of Geno’s best throws have involved Holmes and for whatever reason, it seems as if he cares about playing football again. The upside with Holmes isn’t there like it is with Hill, so if I had to choose one Jets WR to own, it would still be Hill, even if Holmes is probably the safer play. 2-Medium
Moore, Denarius WR OAK Terrelle Pryor is way better at throwing the football than I originally believed. Through 3 games, Moore has an aDOT of 10.7 and already has 19 targets from Pryor. The Raiders are going to be trailing more often than not and if Moore does indeed become a double digit target of guy, I’m probably too low on him. Just like Pryor, however, Moore’s stat line will be volatile and subject to the vagaries of garbage time and game flow. 2-Medium
Miller, Heath TE PIT Miller might be exactly what this disgusting Pittsburgh offense needs. Antonio Brown’s crazy Sunday night game aside, they don’t have a single player who could be described as a real redzone weapon, which is something Miller has always been. If you’re particularly weak at TE or in a TE premium league, Miller is a perfect stash add, as he isn’t quite fully recovered from this torn ACL. He is someone that I have added to back up Jimmy Graham in several 16 team leagues where you can play a TE at flex. If/when he gets back into ‘football shape’, he will likely lead the Steelers in receiving touchdowns and be a weekly play. 2-Medium
Pead, Isaiah RB STL Ugh. Daryl Richardson entered Sunday’s game against the Cowboys with an injured foot, played one down, and then promptly left the game. It appears that Pead is the Rams primary garbage time/receiving back while Richardson is hobbled and while I don’t think Pead is anything special athletically (unlike Richardson) he will likely have a lot of PPR value if Richardson is declared out for any real amount of time. As of right now, D-Rich says he is playing Thursday versus the 49er’s but if he can’t go, Pead is someone I would want on my teams. 2-Medium
Hillman, Ronnie RB DEN The touchdown he scored was a result of winning a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors versus Moreno and Montee Ball. With Peyton Manning throwing the ball this prolifically, the Bronco’s don’t need to run the ball much and I have a hard time seeing Hillman getting very many more goal-to-go touches. He’s worth a spec add, but do not blow your FAAB here. 2-Medium
Hunter, Justin WR TEN Jake Locker has played very well this season… for Jake Locker. He is still only completing 58% of his passes, with 7.3 A/YA attempt. His aDOT 11.4 is actually really encouraging for Hunter’s skill set and despite not being very high on him during draft season, it would appear Hunter is already starting to replace Kenny Britt in the WR pecking order in Tennessee. 2-Medium
Chandler, Scott TE BUF That Bills defense is going to ensure that EJ Manuel and company are playing from behind a lot. Chandler is 3rd on the team in pass routes ran, tied for 2nd on the team for targets and has exactly 6 targets in each game. Given his prior redzone performance, it’s possible that he ends up being a weekly Top-12 play. 3-Low
Washington, Nate WR TEN Nate Washington is a guy that I am never going to go own. My redraft strategy, especially in 12 team leagues, is to churn the bottom of my roster, hoping to find the Brandon Lloyd and Peyton Hillis-type breakout potential players. Washington isn’t that guy. If you need 9 PPR points for just one week, he’s a fine bet, but that’s about his ceiling. 3-Low
Ogbonnaya, Chris RB CLE If it turns out that Willis just can’t do it anymore, Silent G is your guy. He had 9 PPR points against the Vikings, completely dominated RB snaps, ran 14 pass routes and was above average as a pass blocker (per PFF). He has a very low ceiling, but if he ends up monopolizing the Cleveland backfield, he’ll be good for 8-12 touches, with at least 3 coming through the air. Again, not a high ceiling guy, but an admirable bandaid in deeper leagues at RB2. 3-Low
Clay, Charles TE MIA Clay is another solid TE filler option and he isn’t a very risky proposition anymore. He ran 32 pass routes on Sunday, got 6 targets and is certainly a part of what the Dolphins want to do on offense. If you are looking for more solid, if unspectacular production at TE, Clay is a nice add. 3-Low
Reece, Marcel RB OAK Give Reece a huge contract extension and then under use him? How very Raiders of well, the Raiders. Reece is a talented player who just doesn’t get much of an opportunity. His main value will be if Darren McFadden suffers his annual injury. Note that Rashad Jennings played only 7 snaps against the Broncos. Reece, I believe, is the primary backup to DMC. 3-Low
Rice, Sidney WR SEA I’m probably too low on Rice. Other than Zach Miller, he is the only real red zone threat on the Seahawks roster and if Marshawn Lynch isn’t going to get 3 yard touchdowns every week, Rice could have real value. However, through 3 games Russel Wilson has spread the ball around to all of the ‘Hawks receivers and it’s likely that they all eat each others value throughout the season. 3-Low
Smith, Geno QB NYJ The Bills secondary is just bad. Minus Jairus Byrd and Stephon Gilmore, there just isn’t much there. What makes Geno a worthy add is that he is clearly developing some chemistry with Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill, has been willing to tuck and the run and even got a short yardage touchdown. Top 12 numbers aren’t going to come very often, but in the right match up, Smith will be startable. 3-Low
Miller, Zach TE SEA 3 targets, 2 touchdowns. Probably not sustainable. As I said, the Seahawks are going to spread the ball around and while Miller will likely have another one of these highly productive games, it’s unlikely that his production becomes predictable at any point. 3-Low

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