DraftKings NFL Cash Plays – Week 13

The Fantasy Football Ghost isn’t afraid of Week 13 and you shouldn’t be either when you’re equipped with his DraftKings NFL cash plays!

The dreaded Week 13 is here! The number 13 often conjures up superstitious feelings among many, but for NFL fans and DraftKings NFL cash players alike this week marks a return to normalcy as there will be no further bye weeks for the remainder of the regular season. We will have a full slate to chose from going forward and I, for one, am excited! First, a quick look back to Week 12 where we fought our way to a 2.57 times value mark.

To do it we had to drag Odell Beckham’s 1.5 multiplier across the finish line and suffer a heartbreaking injury to Melvin Gordon in the third quarter of his game which capped him at 2.4 times value. His replacements Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson combined for 32 fantasy points. Oh, what could have been. Russell Wilson, meanwhile, saved the day with an impressive performance against Carolina that yielded a 4.46 times multiplier. Go grab your lucky rabbit’s foot (although was it really lucky for the rabbit?) and four-leaf clover (a mutation, by the way) and let’s approach Week 13 head on!

As a reminder, I will put forth a few players each week that I think you should work into your cash line ups. Some weeks I might only have a single player at a position, the next week I may have three, it is all going to depend on the strength of the slate, the values present on a given week and the match ups. The following week I will recap how my picks fared. A successful week will be determined by the players I suggest averaging 2.5 times their value, while an unsuccessful week will be an average under 2.5 times value.

Another quick reminder, much of the data presented in this piece can be found in Dave Caban’s Weekly Stat Explorer, found here. Check it out to keep on top of all the week’s key match ups!

DraftKings NFL Cash Plays for Week 13


Lamar Jackson – $5,900

Has it come time to trust Lamar Jackson to start in your cash line ups? Well, the answer, at least for this week is a solid “yes.” Jackson will be matched up against an Atlanta defense that is allowing the second-most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks with three touchdowns being allowed on the ground, tying them for the second-most allowed in the league, and 25 passing touchdowns allowed, also the second-most allowed of all defenses.

The combined total of 28 touchdowns allowed to the position ties them for being the most scored upon defense by opposing quarterbacks. The Falcons are also allowing the seventh-most passing yards in the NFL, allowing Jackson to heap on points even when he’s not getting the ball across the goal line. Should Jackson manage to achieve even the average that he’s scored per game as a starter (a hair over 21 points), then his $5,900 price tag would make him a steal well over 3.5 times his value.

Lamar Jackson - Week 13 - DraftKings NFL Cash


Phillip Lindsay – $5,400

Phillip Lindsay makes for a moderately priced option with significant upside and his match up against Cincinnati. The Bengals defense is allowing the second-most fantasy points to opposing running backs this season. The primary reason for this is that Cincinnati is allowing 1.3 rushing touchdowns per game, the third-most in the NFL. Meanwhile, in an almost eerie parallel, Denver is also scoring an average of 1.3 rushing touchdowns per game, which is also the third-highest rate on the offensive side of the ball. In terms of pure rushing yardage, the Bengals are allowing the second-most rushing yards per game while Denver is a top-10 ranked offense in this category.
Even in the passing game Lindsay could make Cincinnati’s day just a bit longer as the Bengals are allowing 7.5 yards per target to the running back position, the sixth-highest average of all defenses. Lindsay has been an extremely consistent performer all season, scoring at least 10 fantasy points a whopping 91 percent of the time and ranking among the top 24 running backs in 82 percent of all his games, showing he can take advantage of great matchups when they are put in front of him, just the kind of player we are always looking to add in out DraftKings NFL cash line ups.
Phillip Lindsay - Week 13 - DraftKings NFL Cash


DeAndre Hopkins – $8,200

DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t come cheap this week with a $8,200 price tag, but this could be where we get a lion’s share of our points this week. Hopkins and the Texans will square off against the resurgent Browns. Cleveland has suddenly come alive in recent weeks but the fairy tale looks primed to end once Hopkins steps on the field. The Browns are allowing the seventh-most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers and the fifth-most of the defenses on this week’s slate. Furthermore, they have allowed five 100-plus receiving yard games to the position this year with three games of two or more receiving touchdowns allowed.

Hopkins, meanwhile is ranked seventh in receiving yards among wide receivers and sixth in receiving touchdowns. Cleveland’s opponents have made a habit of targeting the wide receiver position in their match ups with the Browns, with 267 targets, making them the second-most targeted team in relation to the wide receiver position. The Texans, meanwhile, are averaging 9.5 yards per target to their wide receivers, ranking the eighth overall in the league. As I mentioned at the top of this spotlight, this could get ugly quickly.

DeAndre Hopkins - Week 13 - DraftKings NFL Cash


Cameron Brate – $3,700

After a brief departure into the land of high-priced assets, we’ve now returned to Value City. Cameron Brate has presented excellent value in prior seasons and now with O.J. Howard unfortunately on the Injured Reserve list, Brate will step into an ideal matchup against Carolina. The Panthers have been beat up by opposing tight ends all season long and have allowed the most fantasy points in the the league to the position.

Luckily, Tampa Bay routinely finds a way to work in their tight ends, accumulating 9.0 yards per target to the position, good for the fifth-highest average in the league. The Panthers also sport the third-worst defensive DVOA against the position while the Buccaneers have targeted their tight ends with 20 percent of all of their passes, yielding the seventh-most targets to the position in the league.

Cameron Brate - Week 13 - DraftKings NFL Cash

There you have it, Week 13’s DraftKings NFL cash game plan laid out for you. With all the bye week nonsense behind us, look at this week as a new beginning, full of opportunities to take advantage of.

Also, remember, luck is just probability taken personally, which is one of my favorite quotes of all time. When paired with another of my favorites, “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” you have exactly what this column is all about — preparing as best we can, accepting our losses and misses as part of the game, and making our own luck. So Week 13 is nothing to be afraid of — we’re ready! As always, feel free to reach out to me and follow me on Twitter at @TheFFGhost. I’ll do my best to answer any and all questions you may have!