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Is Arian Foster Injury Prone?


For whatever reason, we have all just given Arian Foster a pass on being injury prone. This is the 2nd time in 3 seasons that we have been talking about a soft tissue injury in the preseason affecting his ADP. The list of ailments that Foster has suffered throughout his collegiate and professional career include a torn ACL, a pulled hamstring, and a heart condition that forced him to miss action in week 16 last year. In 2011, Foster also put his owners in the disastrous position of starting a game, but not finishing it due to injury; which in reality is worse for fantasy owners, because they are stuck with a dead roster spot.

To put that in context, we have all given the injury prone label to players like Darren McFadden, who hasn’t ever actually started the season with an injury. Head honcho Frank Dupont likes to point that you can take advantage of players with a depressed price, due to unjustified concerns about injury; however, at some point, the case builds up against Foster. Alright, to be fair, the number of DNPs that McFadden has compiled in his career probably make the injury prone label accurate.

When comparing Foster to other elite running backs (Adrian Peterson, C.J Spiller, Doug Martin, Lesean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, Marshawn Lynch, Ray Rice, Trent Richardson and Alfred Morris) all of them have their separate concerns. Peterson with a shredded ACL, Spiller with a slight frame, McCoy with repeated lower body injuries, Lynch with his back, Charles with a recovering ACL, Richardson and his ribs (or calf more recently). The general point here is that running back is inherently a position that is prone to the most physical abuse. As NFL athletes get bigger and faster, running back injuries are going to become more common. An elite running back will touch the ball 300% more than anyone else on the team, not including blocking responsibilities which are even harsher on the running back. The reason these guys have a short shelf life is that they are getting hit much more frequently than anyone else on the field.

Pundits who are saying that Foster is safe, due to his guaranteed workload and RZ looks, are missing the point. All of these upper echelon running backs are in excellent situations to utilize their skills, but they play a position that is simply more likely to suffer injuries. With that knowledge, you tell me: Is Arian Foster injury prone?

Name YR Week STATUS Injury_Report DNP
Arian Foster 2009 1      
Arian Foster 2009 2      
Arian Foster 2009 3      
Arian Foster 2009 4      
Arian Foster 2009 5      
Arian Foster 2009 6      
Arian Foster 2009 7      
Arian Foster 2009 8      
Arian Foster 2009 9      
Arian Foster 2009 10      
Arian Foster 2009 11      
Arian Foster 2009 12      
Arian Foster 2009 13 P Probable: knee  
Arian Foster 2009 14 P Probable: ribs  
Arian Foster 2009 15      
Arian Foster 2009 16      
Arian Foster 2010 1      
Arian Foster 2010 2      
Arian Foster 2010 3      
Arian Foster 2010 4      
Arian Foster 2010 5      
Arian Foster 2010 6 P Probable: knee  
Arian Foster 2010 7      
Arian Foster 2010 8      
Arian Foster 2010 9      
Arian Foster 2010 10      
Arian Foster 2010 11      
Arian Foster 2010 12      
Arian Foster 2010 13      
Arian Foster 2010 14      
Arian Foster 2010 15 P Probable: hip  
Arian Foster 2010 16      
Arian Foster 2011 1 Q Questionable: hamstring DNP
Arian Foster 2011 2 P Probable: hamstring  
Arian Foster 2011 3 D Doubtful: hamstring DNP
Arian Foster 2011 4 P Probable: hamstring  
Arian Foster 2011 5 P Probable: hip  
Arian Foster 2011 6 Q Questionable: quadricep  
Arian Foster 2011 7      
Arian Foster 2011 8      
Arian Foster 2011 9      
Arian Foster 2011 10      
Arian Foster 2011 11      
Arian Foster 2011 12      
Arian Foster 2011 13      
Arian Foster 2011 14      
Arian Foster 2011 15      
Arian Foster 2011 16      
Arian Foster 2011 17 P Probable: knee  
Arian Foster 2011 18      
Arian Foster 2012 1 P Probable: chest/knee  
Arian Foster 2012 2 P Probable: illness  
Arian Foster 2012 3      
Arian Foster 2012 4 P Probable: knee  
Arian Foster 2012 5 P Probable: hamstring  
Arian Foster 2012 6 P Probable: knee  
Arian Foster 2012 7 P Probable: knee  
Arian Foster 2012 8      
Arian Foster 2012 9      
Arian Foster 2012 10      
Arian Foster 2012 11      
Arian Foster 2012 12 P Probable: finger  
Arian Foster 2012 13      
Arian Foster 2012 14      
Arian Foster 2012 15      
Arian Foster 2012 16 P Probable: arrhythmia  
Arian Foster 2012 17      
Arian Foster 2012 18      

Perhaps the reason that we, as a community, haven’t given Foster the injury prone label is that he only accrued 2 DNP’s his entire NFL career. There is something to be said for his ability to play through smaller injuries, I just find it interesting that someone with Foster’s myriad injuries isn’t considered as prone to actually getting injured.

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