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The Rotoviz Week Seven Waiver Wire Update


What an odd week in fantasy football (Just kidding. Every week is an odd week. Our job is to predict an inherently volatile game). At this point, you should have a good idea if you are a contending team looking to load up for the playoffs, or a bottom barrel team that needs to start emptying the clip to scratch and claw to a lower seed. 5-1 teams should be saving FAAB dollars and WW priority for juicy defensive matchups later on, or stockpiling multiple QB/TE streaming options. If you scooped Andre Ellington or Zac Stacy on the cheap, there is no reason to think that getting Joseph Randle is going to be making your season. Look to see some more trade target pieces coming from me as the waiver wire becomes less and less bountiful as the weeks go on. As always, contact me on twitter, @davismattek, if you have any-league specific questions that aren’t made clear here.

I labelled the priorities as well as I could and gave the Rotoviz faithful the benefit of the doubt (if players like Alshon Jeffery, Rueben Randle, Zac Stacy, or Garrett Graham are on your wire, you don’t need me to tell you that they are worth adding).

Player Notes Priority
Randle, Joseph RB DAL Look, Joseph Randle is not good. He’s slow, unexplosive, doesn’t hit holes with power. Nothing you want from a runner… other than having the backfield of an elite offense entirely to himself. Think of him as a much worse Knowshon Moreno for the next several weeks while Demarco Murray and Lance Dunbar sit out with injuries. I’m not going all in on him, as I think there are better long term adds this week, but if you need RB2 help, he’s really the only thing out there this week. 1-High
Boykin, Jarret WR GB Any player getting a ton of snaps in this offense is a worthwhile add. I actually wrote about Boykin very early on in the offseason as a potential waiver wire gem for dynasty leagues, and after both James Jones and Randall Cobb left Sunday’s game, Boykin came in and dominated the snaps. He didn’t do anything particularly spectacular, but head coach Mike McCarthy had some praise for the young WR after the game. Boykin will likely play as many snaps as Jordy Nelson and depending on the severity of James Jones’ injury (we already know about Cobb) could end being a WR2 for the rest of the season. 1-High
Cox, Micheal RB NYG I’m not going to write about Brandon Jacobs. I find it highly unlikely that he puts on a repeat performance of his game against the Bears and reports out of New York are that he is already not practicing. Cox is the only other healthy running back on the roster and it’s likely that the only thing he doesn’t do better than Jacobs is pass protect. Both Da’Rel Scott and David Wilson are going to miss several weeks and given the disarray of the organization, I don’t see what incentive the Giants have to not give Cox an attempt to run the ball. Granted, I said the same thing about David Wilson, so this sentiment could be off base. However, I find it difficult to believe that at his age and physical condition, Jacobs lasts as a lead back for very long 1-High
Reed, Jordan On a team where I don’t have any specific needs, so my FAAB dollars aren’t going to Randle or Boykin, the best WW option this week is Jordan Reed. Reed was a player I could not have been more entranced with as an NFL draft prospect. He’s fast, elusive in the open field and catches an above average rate of his targets. While RGIII is still getting his legs underneath him (and while we wait for the Redskins to call more designed runs and pistol reads), Reed has functioned as the second option in the basing game behind Pierre Garcon for large streches. If you think Griffin puts it together, Reed is a must add player at a scarce position. 1-High
Durham, Kris WR DET Kris Durham just isn’t very good, but he does play in an offense entirely centered around passing the ball and he saw 13 targets while Megatron was hobbled on Sunday. I actually think Stafford is a lot better than public perception (though some Rotoviz writers have floated the idea out that he is basically Sam Bradford when he isn’t passing to Calvin) and if he continues to see target volume, he’s a solid WR3 in PPR format. The volume is the main question, so I would hesitant to go all in with him. 2-Medium
Foles, Nick PHI QB I wrote about Foles last week and all of the same points apply. This is an offense that runs enough plays to make almost anyone starting at QB a viable fantasy play. Desean Jackson is still playing the best football of his career, LeSean McCoy as the main cog of the offense keeps drives going consistently, and the rest of the role players are doing their job. As long as Vick is out with injury, Foles is a low QB1. 2-Medium
Fauria, Joe TE DET Probably every other waiver wire column out this week is going to write that Fauria’s performance is an unrepeatable fluke, and to some extent, I agree. However, what do we know happens when you throw the ball at someone who is 6’8 in the endzone? In general, good things Happen. Fauria already has 5 touchdowns on 7 receptions as a pro, and had a 50% RZ conversion rate while in college. This kid was built to score touchdowns and for once, the Lions coaching staff is realizing that they have a weapon and using him correctly. 2-Medium
Moore, Denarious WR OAK Terrelle Pryor is a BALLER. He’s actually been way better as a real life QB than I expected, and that is inflating the fantasy stats of Moore. Moore is Pryor’s favorite down the field target and as long as Pryor keeps playing this well, so will Moore. 2-Medium
Cadet, Travaris RB NO We dont really know the severity of Jimmy Graham‘s injury, but Travaris Cadet is exactly the sort of do-everything player that can fill a role that the Saints would need in his absence. He can play in the slot or in the backfield (even paired with Pierre or Sproles) and if we find out that Graham will miss significant time, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cadet have a larger role in this offense. 3-Low
Watson, Ben You woud have to be super desperate to add Watson, but if Graham goes down and Cadet doesn’t fulfill the role of creating mismatches with linebackers, Watson would see a lot more pass routes (he ran only 9 in the loss to the Patriots) and could be a mid-tier TE2) 3-Low
Johnson, Charles WR CLE If I had to choose one player to represent everything Rotoviz is about, it’s probably Charles Johnson. He is the ultimate diamond in the rough, a crazy athletic, uber-productive player from a small school. He was recently claimed off waivers from Green Bay and given that Greg Little is just awful (despite a TD on Sunday) I wouldn’t be surprised to see Johnson start getting some playing time very soon. I’ve already put in claims for him in several 16 team leagues, but he is someone to monitor more than add. 3-Low
Wright, Timothy TB TE Wright is a converted WR/TE hyrbrid, playing his first full season as a TE for the Bucs. I’m hesitant to take much of anything from the Bucs performance against the Eagles, given how putrid the Philly defense has been, but with Tampa Mike sidelined, Wright ran 28 pass routes and had 7 catches for 91 yards. I would need to see Wright get targets with Williams back in the lineup before I said he was worth adding in anything outside of crazy deep leagues 3-Low


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