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DraftKings NFL Cash Plays – Week 17

With the final week of regular season NFL at hand, The Fantasy Football Ghost gives us some DraftKings NFL cash game plays to monitor. 

Welcome back to the DraftKings NFL Cash Plays series after a presumably happy and profitable Christmas. Week 16 worked out quite well for us with a 3.28 times multiple and the only thing stopping us from an even better outcome was Todd Gurley sitting out his game. C.J. Anderson filled in remarkably well, leading me to believe we could have approached 3.5 times value if Gurley could have made the start.

That said, 3.28 times value is nothing to sneeze at and big performances by Ben Roethlisberger (4.87 times value) and Zach Ertz (6.44 times value) led the way through a fairly tumultuous week. With Week 17 before us and several teams looking to sit their starters, this week will rival only Week 1 in its unpredictability and general wackiness. I will do my best to navigate us through these rough waters but this week, more than any, use caution when making your line up decisions and check, double check, and even triple check your lineups throughout Sunday to make sure everyone you have in your lineup will actually play. Week 17 won’t be for the faint of heart so let’s buckle in and get ready for a bumpy ride.

As a reminder, I will put forth a few players each week that I think you should work into your cash lineups. Some weeks I might only have a single player at a position, the next week I may have three, it is all going to depend on the strength of the slate, the values present on a given week and the matchups. The following week I will recap how my picks fared. A successful week will be determined by the players I suggest averaging 2.5 times their value, while an unsuccessful week will be an average under 2.5 times value.

Another quick reminder, much of the data presented in this piece can be found in Dave Caban’s Weekly Stat Explorer, found here. Check it out to keep on top of all the week’s key matchups!

DraftKings NFL Cash Plays for Week 17


Ben Roethlisberger – $7,000

Yep! I’m going back to this well and with good reason, Ben Roethlisberger needs to win this game in order to make the playoffs, and possibly — with a little help in the form of a Baltimore loss to the suddenly red-hot Browns (a phrase I never thought I’d say) — to win the AFC North outright. His goal to make the playoffs will be made a bit easier, barring a spoiler role, by the fact that he faces Cincinnati, who is allowing the most fantasy points in the league to opposing quarterbacks.

The Bengals are allowing an average of 275 passing yards per game, the third-most of all defenses in the league. Roethlisberger, on the other hand, is leading all quarterbacks in passing yards. Cincinnati is also allowing an average of 2.1 passing touchdowns per game, tying them for the second-most allowed in the NFL. This also plays well for Roethlisberger who is tied for the fourth-most passing touchdowns thrown this season. The Bengals are also securing only 0.7 interceptions per game, tying them for the fifth-fewest of all defenses, making the possibility of negative points greatly diminished.

Ben Roethlisberger - Week 17 - DraftKings NFL Cash


Ezekiel Elliott – $9,000

There’s no doubt you’ll be paying up for production here, but there are few other RBs available who are both in a good matchup and likely to play. Ezekiel Elliott has stated that he intends to play this Sunday in order to remain tuned up for the playoffs. He will face a Giants defense that is allowing the fifth-most fantasy points to opposing running backs. New York is also allowing the fifth-most rushing touchdowns to the position and an average of 1.1 rushing touchdowns allowed per game. The Giants are allowing an average of 123 rushing yards per game, the tenth-most in the NFL, which plays directly into Elliott’s strength as the NFL leading rusher this season. The obvious drawback here is that Dallas may opt to sit him early so use Elliott with caution. That said, these type of decisions will be taking place all over the league so monitor the situation closely.
Ezekiel Elliott - Week 17 - DraftKings NFL Cash


Robert Woods – $6,900

Robert Woods is a bit of a value considering a large percentage of the wide receivers priced higher than him are unlikely to play or finish their respective games. Woods, on the other hand, could play well into the fourth quarter as the Rams will need to beat the 49ers in order to secure a highly-coveted first-round bye. The matchup is favorable for Woods as well due to the fact that San Francisco is allowing the eighth-most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. The 49ers are tied for allowing the second-most passing touchdowns per game with an average of 2.1 allowed per game. The Rams are scoring an average of 1.9 passing touchdowns per game, good for a tie of the seventh-most scored per game in the NFL. Woods has quietly been one of the most effective receiving weapons in the league, accumulating nearly 1,200 receiving yards, ranking 11th among all wide receivers. Look for Woods to push hard in order to bring home that first-round bye.
Robert Woods - Week 17 - DraftKings NFL Cash


Travis Kelce – $7,200

It’s funny to say but the Chiefs still have something to play for at this point in the season. Kansas City still has yet to secure the AFC West or home field advantage throughout the playoffs. They can achieve both with a win against Oakland on Sunday. Look for Travis Kelce to factor heavily into this game with the Raiders allowing the seventh-most fantasy points to opposing tight ends. A big reason for this is that Oakland allows 10.7 yards per target to TEs, the most any NFL defense allows to any position. Kansas City is very effective when targeting their tight ends as well, gaining 8.7 yards per target, the fifth-highest average in the league. The Chiefs also target their tight ends with 31 percent of all their passes, the second-highest target rate in the league. Kelce should feast on Sunday.
Travis Kelce - Week 17 - DraftKings NFL Cash
Thank you everyone for the following along with me throughout the 2018 NFL season. We came out way ahead this season with a large percentage of my plays yielding at, or above the 2.5 times value mark I set for myself at the beginning of the season. Best of luck to everyone in the playoffs and hopefully I’ll see you next year in this column. As always, good luck to everyone, and feel free to both reach out to me and follow me on Twitter at @TheFFGhost. I’ll do my best to answer any and all questions you may have!

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