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From Underdog to Superpower: The Extreme Fake Punt in Dynasty

In dynasty fantasy football, strength begets success, and success begets strength. If you’re better than your league mates, you’re likely to have a good startup draft. Then you can exploit your advantage by improving your already strong team through trades with weaker, needier

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A Look at 99 WR Breakouts Over 16 Years

Wide receiver breakouts are the key to fantasy championships, but taking shots on unproven players can leave us with fragile rosters. Can we look to history to find certain types of players to target?

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Structural Drafting in Dynasty Leagues

Where do our edges in fantasy football come from? Some believe a sustainable edge comes from player evaluation. Put another way, this is the theory that you can win by being better at picking the right players more often than your

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MFL10 Optimization: Evolution of a Perfect Draft

What would an MFL10 draft look like if all twelve players knew exactly what they were doing? You may never have asked yourself that question, but I have spent more time thinking about roster construction than I care to admit,

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The 2017 QB Prospect Model

Last year I created a model to predict quarterback success at the NFL level for prospects. The model was useful in that it helped identify traits that transfer to the NFL level, but it was certainly overfit and didn’t bring

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Tight End Prospecting: Beware of Fools Gold

All that glimmers is not gold. This is my mantra when I sit down each year around this time to weigh the appeal of various tight ends affected by free agency. Why is such a trivial task so important you ask?

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