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Where Have All the WRs Gone?

Originally published February 27, Where Have All the WRs Gone is part of our Memorial Day look at the best of RotoViz. 2017 was a rough season for fantasy wide receivers and could be indicative of a downward trend for the

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Dynasty Rookies Are Free Money

Originally published March 23, Dynasty Rookies Are Free Money is part of our Memorial Day weekend free look at the best of RotoViz. Sharp dynasty owners will probably tell you that rookies are overrated and proven producers are the ones

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Fantasy Football Pocket Drafting

Projecting Upside: The Predictability of Receiving Touchdowns

If targets are the lifeblood of fantasy scoring and the addition of air yards helps us explain 80 percent of a wide receiver’s receiving yards, then volume can be viewed as the force that drives opportunity to collect fantasy points. But touchdowns act as the fantasy point multiplier. Therefore, it’s valuable

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From Underdog to Superpower: The Extreme Fake Punt in Dynasty

In dynasty fantasy football, strength begets success, and success begets strength. If you’re better than your league mates, you’re likely to have a good startup draft. Then you can exploit your advantage by improving your already strong team through trades with weaker, needier

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A Look at 99 WR Breakouts Over 16 Years

Wide receiver breakouts are the key to fantasy championships, but taking shots on unproven players can leave us with fragile rosters. Can we look to history to find certain types of players to target?

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