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MFL10 Optimization: Evolution of a Perfect Draft

What would an MFL10 draft look like if all twelve players knew exactly what they were doing? You may never have asked yourself that question, but I have spent more time thinking about roster construction than I care to admit,

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Tight End Prospecting: Beware of Fools Gold

All that glimmers is not gold. This is my mantra when I sit down each year around this time to weigh the appeal of various tight ends affected by free agency. Why is such a trivial task so important you ask?

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Young WRs

Modeling NFL Production in Young WRs

I first ran across RotoViz when I Googled “Principal Component Fantasy Football” — it returned the first Google hit1 — because I’m a huge nerd. Try it!  (back) Try it!

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Why Zero RB Works: Quantifying Positional Injury Rates

Training camp is finally here. In a few weeks we’ll even have actual football. I’m pretty damn excited. Yet alongside all the noise and activity that accompanies this time of year there’s also a wretched, unshakable sense of impending doom.

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Anatomy of a Wide Receiver Breakout

Investing in wide receiver breakout performances is the key to fantasy championships. This will be especially true in 2016 as ADP changes siphon some of the veteran value.

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